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Why we recommend some commercial products on Antimoon

From time to time, we get an e-mail message like this one:

When I first came to your site, I loved it. It looked so professional and so clear at the same time. Your site was just what I was looking for. (...) But my second impression was a bit negative. When I saw that there were two points recommending the use of a commercial product, I started thinking that Antimoon is really a disguised promotion site. I thought that all the nice texts were just cleverly written to sell SuperMemo.

or even like this one:

After looking at your site thoroughly, I must congratulate you on your clever sales and marketing technique for SuperMemo.


No, we’re not a clever promotion site. No, we do not exist to sell SuperMemo or other products.

We are two guys who learned English really well by doing some interesting things. We want to write about them.

  • If we did something which was effective, we will write about it.
  • If we used a product in our learning process that helped us a lot, we will write about it. (One such product was SuperMemo, which we used for 7 years before we started Antimoon.)
  • If a product captures our attention — if we think it is is excellent, unique, better than other products on the market — we will write about it.
  • If we create a product that helps learners follow the Antimoon Method more easily, we will write about it.

We are not going to pretend we haven’t used a product, or that we don’t like a product.

And, yes, we are going to try to make money from the products we write about, because we need to support our site. (Which, by the way, is completely free.)

If you would like to discuss our policy for recommending products, read how to contact us.