Hythloday   Monday, August 25, 2003, 19:22 GMT
Sam, it depends on which Brit accent you mean - there are hundreds. I can certainly give you plenty of advice on how to speak Brummie (the accent of the English West Midlands city of Birmingham), if you like. By the way, I object to you using the derogatory contracted form 'Brit'. A person in Britain was sent to prison recently for calling someone a Paki - the derogatory contracted form of Pakistani, so isn't that the same sort of thing?
Southern Belle   Monday, August 25, 2003, 20:20 GMT
We'll stop calling you "Brits" just as soon as you stop calling all us Americans "Yanks." As a daughter of the American South and a descendant of General Robert E. Lee, I do not appreciate being called a Yank.
albert c   Monday, August 25, 2003, 22:48 GMT
Prison for calling a guy a Paki? What's people got in their heads these days?
Julian   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 00:01 GMT
President Bush and Senator Trent Lott got into hot water some time ago for calling the Pakistanis "Pakis". Although I hate to defend them, their faux pas was perfectly understandable. Of all the "-stans", Pakistan's the only one where you cannot use the short form. You can say Afghan, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakhs, Kyrgiz, but not Pakis (how about "Paks"?)

Maybe we should've sent Bush and Lott to prison. It would've spared us all the trouble.
WESTERN DUDE   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 01:01 GMT
We'll stop calling you "Brits" just as soon as you stop calling all us Americans "Yanks." As a daughter of the American South and a descendant of General Robert E. Lee, I do not appreciate being called a Yank.

General Sherman   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 01:22 GMT
Arrah! Arrest the Confed rebels. C'mon my boys, burn their fields, loot their property. We'll make'em hate war forever!

Yanks rule forever! American united!

Ouf! That disgraceful traitor Robert E. Lee. He's suppoed to lead our boys but he deserted and got his southern brats in arms against us. Old boss Lincoln and his sidekick Grant are too kind to him. Why spare his life, eh? If I've my way, I'll cut him to a hundred pieces!

Hein! The Yanks have ingenuity, conscience, a work ethic. What've southerners got? Nothing! Look at ol' Jamestown- bunch of indentured servants died in a couple o' years. Look at New England- bunch of hardworking Puritans made moolah!
Southern Belle   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 06:12 GMT
I don't know why you have to get so nasty. I do not fly the Confederate flag. I am proud to be an American. But I am also proud of my Southern heritage. Yank refers to Northerners, specifically the New England states. Why should Southerners be labeled something that they are not?

Oh why bother explaining myself. You're all just going to draw your claws out anyway.
Chloe   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 10:54 GMT
I find it really anoying when people discriminate against other countries or people ie pakistanis or Indians I live in a place that is completley over run with indians and pakistanis and there have been many fall outs including a very serious riot not long ago. Most of these indian people came here to work in the many cotton mills or just for a better life but I dont think theyll every find it here. I go to a catholic school and of course it is very strict about religion but If kids were taught to respect other religions it would be a better place. (just my oppinion) :) And I also think we should be taught more about American history Heck all ive been taught is about the plains indians.
Cenylah   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 19:31 GMT
Ok peeps if you wanna argue about this and that, GO and get a friggin different room I'm sick and tired of reading your junk. This room wasn't made to talk about whatever, but because people want to learn an accent or culture, so stick with it. By the way scottish where you been? I have some more questions, hurry back.
Ged   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 23:30 GMT
I'm English born and bread and I can assure you that there is absolutely no such thing as one, single, "Brirish accent". Get yourself a passport (I'm presuming your a septic-tank (yank) like my girlfriend and so probably unlike her, you don't have one, like about 75% of your population, ha!), come over here and you'll be pleaseantly suprised (and no doubt totally perplexed) by all our interesting regional accents! Theses are REAL British accents! ;o))

Prince bloody William and Hugh sodding Grant - for God's sake PLEASE! We're not all RP stereotypes you know!

Ged Ingham
To Ged   Tuesday, August 26, 2003, 23:54 GMT
Really? You're English bread? What does English bread taste like? How's it different from the bread we eat here in America?
Adam   Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 00:25 GMT
We all know there are a lot of different British accents, but anyway, everybody says "British English" because all of them are similar... and different at the same time to those of other countries.. such as US, Australia, etc.
To Adam   Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 02:07 GMT
D'ye ken, I think there are as many differences between British dialects as there are between BBC reporters' and CNN reporters' English.

Heck! Cockney, a London dialect, is more similar to Australian English than Geordie, a Northern English dialect.

It's just that you probably haven't heard Geordies or Scousers or Scots! I think Geordie men sound like Germans or Indians speaking English.
Clark   Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 03:13 GMT
I think when people (especially the Americans) think of "British English," they think of the Somerset, country type accent, or the standard RP accent, or the Cockney accent.

Yes, there are many English accents in Britain, and there is one standard British accent too--RP. So, there is a "British accent" isn't there?
Adam   Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 22:27 GMT
I am not American... I'm Swedish