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Reader mail: Reading aloud to improve your English

Craig Peters writes:

I am an English teacher (primarily of English literature) who currently runs a tutoring company in Hong Kong. However, I have also taught students to improve their English, strengthening students who are intermediate or even beginner learners of English to become much stronger.

Your Antimoon resource is quite valuable. What you teach there accords with my findings. The biggest thing students need is good English inputs, and those indeed come from reading, especially.

Something that you may want to consider drawing more explicit attention to: it’s worth encouraging students of English not only to read, but to read aloud.

The problem with just reading quietly is that it does not necessarily help you improve your grammar and expression that much. As an example of this, I had a professor at university whose third language was English. Although he could publish his articles in academic journals, he still made some grammar mistakes when speaking, and undoubtedly when writing, too.


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