What do you thank about the Callan Method?

Steven   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:29 pm GMT
Sander   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:30 pm GMT
It looks a bit simple to me...

=>The psychology of the Method
The Callan Method is based on actual classroom practice, on the psychological teacher-student relationship, and on their relationship to the language. When the Method was shown to some educational psychologists, one of them said "How else?". In other words, as language learning is a question of developing quick reflexes, how else can this be done than by a system of stimulus and response? The same psychologist went on to take an exaggerated example, by adding that one could teach a monkey to play the piano, given such techniques. In other words the monkey, like a pianist, a typist or a language student, is learning to perform a trick, and tricks are best learnt through practice and through a system of stimulus and response, which in the case of the Callan Method means quick-fire questions and answers. The difference between the monkey and the pianist, typist and language student, however, is that the monkey cannot do much with the trick he has learnt, whereas the pianist, typist and language student can; for them the trick is a means to an end. For the monkey it is an end in itself.
Kate_K   Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:31 pm GMT
In my opinnion this method is great, I learn by means of this method about 2 years and I will take the FCE in August 2007. I know that I'll pass because I want to very much. I thougt that this method is boring and stupid because you reapet what your native speeker or teacher said but now I don't think so. My teacher told me that this method i working for someone and for others not. I belive that on me works and everything will be all right. Bye!!!
FOTOMANN   Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:01 pm GMT
The statement : "...general consensus among educators and education psychologists is that the method is NOT EFFECTIVE" sounds a a bit "sour grapey". Typical educator mind-set talk.

I have reviewed the programs offered by local colleges (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) and find that they are heavy on theory and light on practice, in short, "long on say, short on do". You are bored to tears with endless course on linguistics, anaylsis, evaluations. With no practical application.

I have taught English to Russian emigres from the Ukraine and conclude this is a very effective method for gaining an immediate grasp of the language.
Bello - PL   Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:49 am GMT
For me it is a strange question, works the method or not.
I learn English before during last 6 weeks at one of Callan method schools in my town. Please, be sure, the metod is extremally effective. I understand almost all vocabulary, used above, as well as what about discussion and you could notise that I am also able to answer. I am really excited by Callan method. By the way, if you count correctly, you will see the fact that Callan method course is really 4 times faster and 4 TIMES CHEAPER than others 'classic' methods.

Other starnge thing for me is how you can call the method boring, because you have not time to be bored during the lesson. It is impossible to be bored during the lesson, if your teacher is really using Callan method. I suppose, some teachers just use Callan books, but not a lot of very important Callan rules and it is a reason why some people are unsatisfied.
Col. Sanders   Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:32 pm GMT
I'm just a little curious about this idea of 4 times faster. From what I understand Callan says that you learn so much faster due to the amount you speak in class.
That's just fantastic, but I also understand that Mr. Callan holds to the belief that if you combine two classes together (I understand large classes with them are not uncommon) it will not effect the outcome - you will still learn 4 times as fast, despite the fact that you are now in a class with 14 people instead of 7. Maybe it's just me but something doesn't click there.
matt   Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:12 am GMT
How come the same source keeps posting these 'new' topics on the Callan Method? The fact that the source is a school that teaches and preaches the Callan Method is a little strange - you think they should know what they 'thank' about the method they have adopted. Unless it's all just a great plug. Maybe the other testimonials are recycled or fabricated - like Kate K claiming she's planning to take FCE in 2007, or Fottoman's 'quotation' that comes from no previous posting.
What's going on? Hasn't this dead horse been flogged enough anyway?