Hello, everybody! :) Could you, please, check my Recommendat

Monika   Sat Mar 29, 2008 9:03 pm GMT
Hello! :)
I will apply for a Master program and I am preparing the application package. I need an academic recommendation, but all my teachers told me one and the same think when I asked them "You write it and i will sign it!". So..there it is the recommendation letter. Have no idea if its nice and well structured. That is why I would like to ask you to check it and help me for the grammar also :)

Thank you in advance!!!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Monika. It is a pleasure for me to recommend her for admission to your Master programme in ***. I have been the Vice-Rector for Education in Bachelor’s degree Programmes and a Head of Trade Department at the X University for eight years. I have known Monika since her first year in the University (or from the beginning of her study in our University). Over the last two years she was a student in three of my classes in “***”, “***” and “***”. She attended regularly my lectures and seminars and I got to know her very well.

As her lecturer, in the beginning I was impressed how easy it was for Monika to cope with the new and unfamiliar material and to represent it in a thorough way during the debates we made. She participated frequently in the discussions during seminars, obtaining her own position and being able to stand for it very well, but she was also careful for my arguments. She always suggested non-standard approaches to the problems we analyzed. I have witnessed the originality of her ideas and the outstanding (or remarkable) analytical, strategic and interpersonal skills she has demonstrated during assignments.

As a part of her grade in “Y” Monika was required to form with other colleagues a team and to prepare research paper on “World Market Prices”. She distinguished herself by submitting an extremely well researched and an interesting information, showing her enthusiasm for economic studies and her competence in research and practice. Preparing that project she demonstrated her exceptional communication and presentation skills, creative thinking and ability to work in a team with ease, to research, to analyze the results of the research and to follow instructions. I was pleased to see the eagerness and insistence with which Monika managed this task.

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Monika as a student in my classes. She has shown a strong level of dedication, initiative, deep understanding of the subjects and was given an excellent marks for her performance. I would like to emphasize that she was exempted from the final written exams in “***” and “***”, because of the excellent results she has obtained in the examinations during the semester. It is a rare practice and is only granted to excellent students. That is why I consider Monika to be one of the most studious and responsible members of our Department.

I would like to mention that Monika is a very charismatic, engaging and tactful person. She has always been a very friendly and respectful student who demonstrates a great capacity for integration into university life. Monika showed herself as an innovative, purposeful, and intelligent individual, easy to communicate with. She has demonstrated that she can work effectively both independently and as a part of a team.

Monika is a very responsible and diligent student with sufficient motivation to excel in her chosen field of studies. I have no doubt that she will achieve many of her goals and will set high standards for herself and those around her. I am sure she will meet your requirements and I am confident that all her qualities and her commitment to her studies make Monika a strong candidate for your Master program.

I highly recommend Monika / or I recommend Monika very highly/ or Monika has my highest recommendation and I/ and strongly support her application to X University.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.