How often do you look up song lyrics

Jinx   Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:13 am GMT
Well if you looking it up for meaning: In english or any other language songs are often hard to find the meaning too. Often the meanings are somthing personal for the writer and therefore no one elese would understand the significance of it.

If you look it up to check the words so you know what your listening to:
I do this all the time! To make sure I'm hearing the right thing and to know how to sing the song I'll look up the lyrics. For the longest time I thought words like "Ticking like a clock" were "Stinking like a rock" so looking it up really clarifies things like that...
JohnnyC   Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:29 am GMT
<<This song is impossible to understand:>>

Unintelligible. I think she sings like that because she's retarded or something or maybe she just has a speech impediment. But she's really fucking hot... I'm listening to that song, watching the video thinking, "damn, that's one sexy retard." She sounds like Nell in that movie where Jodie Foster plays a retarded girl who lives up in the woods so she's like a hot retardrd hillbilly and she and Liam Neeson hook up and fall in love. She says things like "Tay'n the wee-ind" and "hay na missa chickabee, Nell saf eee-do-er tay'n the weeeee-ind". And normally I don't dig retarded chicks or hillbillies especially if they talk that cornpone shit, but somehow Jodie Foster's portrayal does it for me. Probably because she played in another really sexy film called "Accused" where she bangs about ten guys on a pinball machine and I combined the two themes in my mind. Anyway, the chick in this video reminded me of Nell. When I was in jail there was a guy whose girlfriend would have been pretty if she didn't have a cleft palate. She used to come to visit and she'd say things like "Ah nub noo" for "I love you" and there seemed to be lots of glottal stops. God that chick was fucking hilarious. I loved it when she would come to visit.
JohnnyC   Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:22 pm GMT
I look them up often. Some artists, even when they sing in English are difficult for me to understand. Elton John comes to mind from the old days and when I listen to metal bands I have to look up the lyrics all the time.