compare these two imitations of American accent

GUEST2   Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:12 am GMT
no one is closer, " they are distinctly Chinese"
erip   Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:31 am GMT
shame on you, SOBERGUY.

you disregarded the truth about this argument or contest but faked one version as you thought. Your flavored story might bring some laughs to the foreigners here; and some innocent comments here might make your a judge advocate back in the chinese forum. tell me , that is all you want?

being a clown is your own business. don't categorize yourself chinese, plz.
soberguy   Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:45 am GMT
to erip,
why does everything have to do with nationalism???and "faked one version as you thought",please elaborate a little bit,i dont understand what you meant,if anything,they had it coming,the whole contest thing has been nothing but a joke to me,all i ever want from it is to have some fun,to fill my void.and i guess most spectators would be in total agreement with me on that score.
and please explain to me what "a judge advocate" is if you come back later?i do have my personal partiality but i have never showed that back on the chinese forum,and who doesn't have his own addition,what do you think i will ever get from being a judge??a trophy??

"don't categorize yourself chinese" i think you left out "as",this is a forum using english as the language of discussion,so you better watch and learn instead of spending your precious time arguing with me or anyone else,unless you can make a valid,convincing point:)

and personally i think the one who is making a fool of himself is you:)take care,dont take offense:)
erip   Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:28 pm GMT
to so-be-Redneck-guy,

not everything is related to nationalism. but what you have done is apparently is. of coz you can ask some native english speakers here to give a judgement fore reference. but pls spend some time to watch your wording. and check out what you want to hear: just some objective comments on two english learners or some laughing kicks to two "poor imitators from china"?
same question back to you, what makes you think you are the mr. right? a candid mind without prejudice? just calm down and face the wall for a while before you want to fight back or bark.
btw, it seems that finding out a typo from others' posts can bring you to high clouds. so, continue the searching on web. you might stay in the air days and nights.
you said one thing. my time is precious and you are worthy of my preaching.
will not read this thread again to waste my time. you can enjoy yourself by barking back now. enjoy your victory. period.
soberguy   Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:36 pm GMT
ha,so this,too,is going to be my last reply to this tread,but,what can i say?? well,you said that i like pointing out typos,but the following mistakes in your post are definitely not just typos,1) of course,not of coz,there's an s not a z if you know how that word is pronounced; 2),fore,maybe that's a typo,though very unlikely,i buy it 3)"spend some time to",sorry about my ignorance,i had never known such a phrase;4)"poor imitators from china" nobody has ever said that here,so why the quotation marks? 5)i never intend to fight back,i will bark if that is the only way we can communicate with each other,apparently you dont understand human languages too well.6)i have always been a humble person,if there's anything that brings me high into the clouds,it's "you are worthy of my preaching",thanks,and do you know the word preaching can be used to show disapproval??/7)victory???that's the funniest part of your last post,i dont even want to fight with you,why cant you learn to talk in a calm manner?i can feel your anger8)i do said your time was precious,havent you ever heard sarcasm?? oh here's another one 9)"what you have done is apparently is" two "is",really good for you,if the rest are typos,can we say this one is a mindo???
RedRiverValley   Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:15 pm GMT
What is this preoccupation with getting an American accent?

For your interest: