A Short Introduction

Denken - Dacht - Gedacht   Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:40 am GMT
In Japan, it's common to give a short self introduction. It's called a jikoshokai and can be written this way 自己紹介 or 事故紹介 (depending on how well you speak Japanese...) No, that's a joke. You must use the first set of Chinese characters only. The first one means "self-introduction and the other would be something strange, but truthful like "accident introduction". I hope that at least a couple of you laughed because it was a very good joke.

I suppose I should tell a joke in German, French, and Spanish now, but I'd rather see how you "open" an introduction in your language.
Do you tell a joke? Is it formal? Let's learn something new at Antimoon.
Please write in your native language or write in a language you know well.

I'd love to see a self-introduction in your language. Don't give your real name, of course.
J.C.   Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:37 am GMT
事故紹介?I guess most people won't get that and it won't be a joke unless you explain it. In that case it will become a 親父ギャグ,
which will only get you a 苦笑い。。。
Well, my "joke" in Japanese is when the Japanese ask me 「何人?」and I
reply 「にんじん」 or 「アイムソーリ ゴム草履」. The oldest I've hear is 「アイムソーリ 髭剃り」等等。。。
oh, I guess the worst thing one can try to say is 「酒は避けたほうがいい」。。。

In English my favorite "joke" is when I introduce people to Macintosh computers by saying "Once you go mac you never go back" (No racism intended since I'm black and see the original sentence in 2 ways: one can't go back because it's too good or bad)

Xie   Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:43 pm GMT