Foreign language for monolinguists who speak no other

Mark   Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:57 am GMT
There seems to be many statements of fact made by commenters concerning number of speakers of languages, GDP of countries and their respective national languages, and other minor facts relative to the practical uses of the monolingustics who will speak no other language in their life except maybe the odd vacation, but having no aspirations nor means for diplomacy, international business, or even hopes of habitating another cultural-linguistic sphere. Just another for the purposes of enlightenment, amusement, and diversion. What is the language to learn for them? Basically a language that might be studied in lieu of Latin and Greek for the betterment of oneself. Unless one might reassert the continued vigor of those languages above living examples. Or perhaps no languages beyond the practical expectations of usage instead sport, the sciences, or the humanities? Foreign languages, completely useless if not spoken or even roundly used or not? I'd also like to know what foreign languages have most influenced the manner in which you think thoughts.