Robin Michael   Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:52 am GMT
This part of a comment that Damien made:

"He won't miss the money however as he is a multi millionaire anyway, loads to the gunnels with dosh."

Funnily enough, the spell checker on Antimoon is highlighting 'dosh' but not 'gunnels'.

If I was playing Scrabble, I would argue that 'gunnels' was not a proper word.

* Gunnel - (Boating): Definition
Pronounced gunnel. The rail around the edge of a boat. ... To right the boat you stand on the daggerboard and pull on the gunnels, which is the thin ... › Boating - Cached - Similar

It seems to be alright.

I thought the word was 'gunwhale'

The answer:

* Gunwale - (Boating): Definition
gunwale or gunnel - The toe rail. Most generally, the upper edge of the side ... the uppermost wale of a ship (not including the bulwarks); or that piece of ... › Boating - Cached - Similar
Quintus   Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:25 am GMT
That is similar to another boating term, which may be spelled either boatswain or bosun (bos'n, bo's'n), but nowadays in the standard pronunciation is almost invariably said as "bosun" /ˈboʊsən/.

[< O. E., batswegen, from bat (boat) concatenated with Old Norse sveinn, cf. Eng., swain, "lad, servant, follower"]
Robin Michael   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:31 am GMT
I am just adding something to this thread to bring it to the top of the pile.

One of the things that Damian does, is he brings an extended vocabulary to antimoon, and he uses these words in context. So although Damian may be accused of having 'verbal diarrhoea', he is making an interesting and valuable contribution that some people appreciate.

In contrast, there are other people who are unremittingly negative, rude and obscene.

Unfortunately, I feel that the Forum has become increasingly like a public lavatory. Senseless scrawls of an obscene nature, made by anonymous idiots.