Thank you and goodbye

Tom   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:25 pm GMT
Dear users,

This is the end. I have decided to shut down this forum.

The quality of discussions was poor in the past few months, with the majority of users treating this place as a sort of chatroom for casual conversations with people from different countries. Moderators lost interest in cleaning up the garbage and I was not successful in finding people willing to visit the forum every day and clean up the garbage. Much of the blame for the current state of the forum lies with me. For example, I could have migrated the forum to new software with compulsory registration and more advanced moderation features. The reason I didn't was that it would have been a two-week project that was only loosely related to my core mission of helping people master English. (Let's face it -- interesting though it may have been, the contents of this forum always had little to do with the contents of the main Antimoon website.) After I launched Ask Antimoon, a site which fits my vision much better, I had even more reasons not to put any more work into this forum.

A word of thanks

This forum had its great moments over the years. I'd like to thank those of you who contributed to it by answering learners' questions, sharing insights and having intelligent, civilized conversations. I would like to thank all the moderators: Brennus, Josh Lalonde, Mjdt, Achab, and especially Mjd, who must have spent thousands of hours of his time moderating this forum, always maintaining an exemplary level of fairness and politeness.

What next?

- IF you are learning English or another language and have legitimate questions related to that, you are welcome to ask them on Ask Antimoon.

Note that AA is a Q&A site, not a discussion forum. It is not the place for casual chatting. It is a site for people with specific questions about languages and language learning. If you are not learning a language seriously, it is probably not a site for you.

Before you post anything on Ask Antimoon, read the FAQ at -- it will make things easier for everyone.

- If any of you would like to continue chatting in more or less the current manner, you can go ahead and start your own forum. I can recommend, which provides free forum hosting that seems to work pretty well. If you start a forum, you can e-mail me and I will gladly link to it from the Antimoon Forum so that users can find you.

EDIT: I have been contacted by someone who started a forum at -- if you miss the old forum, you can try that place.