Share your SuperMemo statistics

Alex   Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:58 am GMT
As you might know I'm a relative newbie to SuperMemo, so I'd be interested in how other users work with the program.
How many items do you add to your collection a day, for example? What is your forgetting index? How many items are there in total in your collection? etc.

Here are some statistical values of my usage:

Day: 11
Memorized items: 234
Memorized/Day: 21.27 it/day
Retention: 89.72 (I know that's quite low. I think I'm struggling a bit with the amount of new items added)
Measured FI: 19.83%
Average FI: 10%
Workload: 54m 23sec
Avg time: 32.38 sec
Speed: 143it/ann/min
A-Factor: 3.58

Please share your statistics.