Joshua   Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:34 am GMT
Hi Guys,
My name is Joshua and I moved to the states three years ago.
I want to improve my pronunciation as mush as possible so I'd really
appreciate it if anybody helps me.

I have a problem when it comes to stressing certain sentences, for example, sentences with the word(s) for, as mush as, etc:

I'll do it for you,

That's for crazy people only,

For real,

As mush as,

As for me,

Where are you,

Would you come with me,

I could have done it.

Can somebody please tell me what words I need to stress in the sentences above, and which ones take a weak form being replace with a schaw.
People say that it's really anoying when one stresses each word independently.

I have looked everywhere, but it'sthat only a few websites address what to me is one of the most important things you need to learn about English; stressing.

Thanks to everybody, nice forum by the way,
if you have any other examples with different words and you want to help,
please feel free to do so,
thanks again
Uriel   Wed Apr 05, 2006 3:46 am GMT
Well, a lot of stresses will depend on what you're trying to emphasize, so stresses will vary. But here's an attempt:

I'll do it for you, -- that just depends too much on context. Sorry!

THAT'S for CRAZY people ONLY,


As MUCH as, -- not "mush"! It's a TCH-sound.

AS for ME,

Where ARE you,

Would you COME with ME,

I COULD have DONE it. -- note that here, "have" will probably be reduced to 've, so this would sound like "I couldiv done it."