What is a Trans-Atlantic Accent?

Cow   Wed Nov 01, 2006 10:12 pm GMT
>> “General American” what is this? There is no such thing! <<

Yes there is such a thing.

According to Wikipedia:
General American (sometimes called Standard Midwestern or American Broadcast English) is the accent of American English perceived by Americans to be most "neutral" and free of regional characteristics. The General American accent is not thought of as a linguistic standard in the sense that Received Pronunciation (RP) has historically been the standard, prestige variant in England, but its speakers are perceived as "accentless" by most Americans.

Within American English, General American and accents approximating it are contrasted with Southern American English, several Northeastern accents, and other distinct regional accents and social group accents like African American Vernacular English. It was derived from a generalized Midwestern accent and is spoken particularly by many newscasters, in part because the national broadcasters preferred to hire people who exhibited similar speech.