A question for native English speakers!LEARN a 2nd LANGUAGE

envirohodges   Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:43 am GMT
I am a teen going to public high school, taking french since grade eight. i am now a junior and have simply fallen in love with the language, but mostly the phonetics (gosh I love the sound of french), I wish to continue my french educaton through college, but then I don't know what I can do to further my learning and secondly to become fluent. I am thinking of moving to Quebec that way I can be at least semi-close to my family in the US, france is an awful long distance away. I really do not have interest in become a french teacher, or any sort of teacher, and cannot think of another way to continue speaking french. Any ideas? i also thought (jokingly) if I could just learn french fluently then have a child and teach it french, I would have someone to keep me fresh, haha. Or I could marry a francophone. There's a "bon idée"!

I would appreciate any input!