Fragment message

Guest   Thu Sep 28, 2006 7:25 am GMT
"Full understanding of the Chinese supply market."

What’s wrong in this sentence? Microsoft word gives me a “fragment” message!
Robin   Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:36 am GMT
I think you will find that it is not a proper sentence.

I have been reading a novel recently, and I have noticed a number of fragments that would not pass the 'Word' test.

The Grammar Checker in 'Word' is a guide to good English.

If you look at the sentence above, it is incomplete. What gives a 'full understanding of the Chinese supply market.'
Jim   Mon Oct 02, 2006 5:01 am GMT
Yeah, it's not a sentence. It's a noun phrase. The grammar checker in Word may be a guide to good English but it's not perfect. It picks up on passive voice but there are many instances where passive voice works better than active voice ... or else why would passive voice exist in the first place?