pronouciation: Type Tutor   Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:34 am GMT
Well! I hope you have all spotted the deliberate mistake.

I am a Native Speaker, so I am allowed to make mistakes!

On a more serious note, I found that using a 'Typing Tutor' helped me to improve my spelling. I am thinking in particular of the 'Mavis Typing Tutor'.

There is also another typing tutor that I got for the children, which is not widely available.

'Typing of the Dead'; based on a Sega Arcade game, if you do not get it right, you get hacked to death by Zombies.

Incidently, I made the mistake with pronunciation, because how I spelt it, is more similar to how I pronounce it.

You can see how the mistake is made.



As well, as that mistake, I was also making a mistake in spelling: pronounce. I was spelling it 'pronouce', missing out the second 'n'.

When I am typing something like this, I will also go into 'Word' to check my spelling, sometimes, not always.

I also mispelt, deliberate, as delibrate. Hopefully, if I keep on top of my spelling mistakes, my spelling will gradually improve.

The woman who is teaching me Higher English, told me that when she was at school, her teacher virtually ignored mistakes in spelling in order to encourage students to produce something. I noticed that in our recent test, the students who did badly, were overwhelming worried about doing something wrong.

What I liked about the old fashioned 'exam based' learning techniques, was that in an exam situation you just did your best in a very limited period of time. That there was no attempt to get the perfect answer.

It also meant that you did not have to work during term time.

Another advantage of using a Spelling Checker I have found is that I have always had a wider vocabulary than my spelling (and also pronunciation) will allow me to use. At least when I am writing, I can select the word that I would like to use, and then find the correct spelling for it.