"Let go"

Guest   Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:48 am GMT
Irregular Verb - To Let


To allow something to happen

To allow someone to do something

Conjunction of 'To Let'.

(You can use a conjunction to link words, phrases, and clauses)

Base Form: Let
Past Simple: Let
Past Participle: Let
3rd Person singular: Lets
Present Participle / Gerund: Letting


"The girls let go of the kite."

The girl lets go of the kite

The girls are letting go of the kite

***HELPFUL or unhelpful, or even more confusing ?***
Robin   Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:52 am GMT
"The girls let go of the kite"

The girls let the dog off the lead.

The girl let the dog off the lead

The girls are letting the dog off the lead
JW   Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:09 pm GMT
Please stop posting in this thread. You clutter it with nonsense and make a fool of yourself. Each of your three consecutive posts is so full of errors and irrelevancies that the task of correcting them overwhelms me.

I am sorry if you think me rude. I simply think you should have a basic understanding of the language, and a grade-school level of reading comprehension, before you offer advice to those who want to learn more about English.
mom2twoboys   Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:25 pm GMT

Thanks! I was completely missing the "of"--got so hung up on the "go" that I forgot the "of". Thus, it fits the "pattern" of verb + preposition! Yeah!

I'll tell them it's a phrasal verb and explain the "of" as well. I think that will clear it up (there is one student in particular who really wants to know--he reminded me this week that I hadn't given him an answer yet--I told him I had looked at all of my grammar books and was still researching--thanks for being part of the research!).

Thanks for the encouragement. Teaching here has restored a lot of my enjoyment of teaching (I've made a private promise to myself to never again teach in an American school), though I'm still learning the finer points of EFL (as opposed to English-because-it's-required-even-though-you-can-maybe-kind-of-speak-the-language-already-so-you-sleep-through-class). Having learned some Mandarin helps me to really identify with my English learners--plus I know a lot of the grammar errors they'll come up with, simply because I've been there myself!