Dear Deidre ... brought to you by 'The Sun'

Robin   Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:13 am GMT
What do you think of this slice of authentic British culture?,,11036,00.html
Liz   Thu Oct 12, 2006 6:55 am GMT
Well...authentic British culture???

You can call it that way if you want to, but I don't think it's typically British. It's just typically stupid. It's just crap - being typical of the Sun.

BTW, is it the Homeless Holly bit, or have I been redirected somehow? If so, I apologise profusely and try it again. :-))
Damian in London E16   Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:54 am GMT
The Sun.....I echo the words of Liz. It's no surprise that this daily crapsheet is popular among neds (chavs in England) and it should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act for describing itself as a "news"paper because "news" in the proper sense of the word is the very last thing it trades in.

See for yourself:

Appeals to this kind of ned anyway (audio needed):

Still, it's a free country I reckon so if that's what you want in Britain.......
Liz   Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:16 pm GMT
Hello Damian,
the angry scally/chav/ned is not bad... :-)) but I know a more disgusting one. Here is the link:

YouTube - Broadcast yourself. I don't think that "your" chav has broadcasted himself. He is likely to have been recorded and uploaded by others. But "my" chavette is much worse because she has recorded herself and then uploaded the video. What's more, she is dead drunk and totally obscene, and she is a SHE. It's much more disappointing to see a pissed female chav (i.e. a chavette) than a male one... Leastways I reckon so...

P.S.: There used to be broad sheets and tabloids. Now, these categories must be revised, this way: broad sheet and broad shit (The Sun obviously falls into the latter category).
Liz again   Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:20 pm GMT
Oops...At first I typed "I hate Sun" instead of "I hate spam". Really. I'm not joking. It must have been a sort of Freudian slip. :-))
Guest   Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:24 pm GMT

wenn du möchtest, kannst du auch besuchen :
Liz   Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:28 pm GMT
Danke für die Einladung!
Damian in London N2   Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:42 pm GMT
***Oops...At first I typed "I hate Sun" instead of "I hate spam". Really. I'm not joking***

Well, Liz, there's no doubting my hatred of The Sun but I actually quite like spam....sliced fairly thinly then lightly fried on both sides in a wee bit of non extra virgin and then sprinkled with a dash of Worcestershire and then topped with a sunny side up....nice quick breakfast.

Aye, nedettes (or the English chavettes) are always sadder than the chavs. "My" chav felt discriminated by the coppers because of his colour....happens all the time. The accents - the chav's and the officers' -were definitely Midlands or northern England - one of my housemates here says his, and the police sergeant (see his epaulettes?) - "sound Nottingham to him".

"Your" pissed up chavette sounded Mancunian to me....obviously you-tubing herself.....a wee sad case.

As you know chavs in Scotland are called neds, which basically means "non educated delinquent" or, as some people call them, "non employable dropouts", but they all seem to wear the most expensive trainers and other gear and that's sae fashious! :-( fat/neds/index.shtml

In that bit about getting your ned name, I typed in my first and last names and my ned name came out as "Malky the Alky"! Ha! How did they arrive at that one I'd like to know!
Damian in N2   Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:45 pm GMT
Liz   Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:03 pm GMT
Yes, "my" chavette sounds Mancunian because she actually IS from Manchester.

LOL! Ned name test! My name has come out as politically incorrect: it's Hairy Arse. :-) :-( I don't insist on being called so in the future... :-))

BTW, my roommate's name is Stupit Appearance. She thinks it suits her... :-))
Liz   Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:40 pm GMT
<<BTW, my roommate's name is Stupit Appearance.>>

I mean her ned name, not the real one... :-))

As far as chav (life)style is concerned, I fail to see the reason why so many people copy it. It's just horrible. They look awkward and behave in an uncivilised way. Why is it so trendy? Maybe because they don't work but have expensive clothes and are having a "party" all the time. Being a chav(ette) seems to be an in-thing nowadays. Just look around at YouTube... If you type the word "chav" in, you'll find plenty of videos which are connected to the topic one way or another. The shocking thing is that loads of girls record themselves while being dressed up and acting like a chavette... It's so sad. Some of them are only 13... I bet lots of them come from a middle class family. REVERSE SNOBBERY RULEZ!!! :-( Street cred seems to be an important thing among youngsters, but some of them have gone too far now.

I was gobsmacked when I heard an MP say that he was a chav. Nice, isn't it? He said that the people who kept disparaging the chavs simply envied them because they know how to enjoy themselves. (The "how to enjoy themselves" bit is actually Julie Burchill's saying I reckon.)

Well, I assure you (actually not you, rather them) that I DO NOT envy chavs at all and I DO know how to enjoy myself. On the other hand, I don't give a flying toss what they do if they don't do my any wrong, anyway.

BTW, I've never understood how they can have so much money without having a job!!!