Liz-accent sample for Damian

Damian in Edinburgh   Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:12 pm GMT
LIZ: Of course I like your voice/accent! I wouldn't say so if I didn't! Your speaking voice is very clear and distinct and I can just detect a hint of the Orient in it. Then when you said things like "so much" it almost sounded Northern English.

It's obvious that you are reading off a script, but to have an ordinary face to face conversation with you would be a really nice experience, in my opinion. Of course I don't know you - but your accent/voice is really cool, and I echo the words of the preceding post. You may well have lived in Surrey or Hampshire or even Henley-on-Thames all your life up to now for all I know! :-)

Have a good weekend.
Liz   Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:40 pm GMT

Thank you for your comments.

<<Of course I like your voice/accent! I wouldn't say so if I didn't .>>

I are a Scotsman, not a southern Englishman. You mean what you say. :-)) (No offence is intended to southerners, though. :-))

Actually, I have never been to the above mentioned places but I have some friends from Surrey. I'm Hungarian but, having travelled through England, I have spent some time in the South and in the North as well. That might be the reason why I often mix different varieties when speaking.

I have also been to Wales but never had the chance of visiting Scotland and Ireland yet (unfortunately). But it's never too late! :-)

Have a good least enjoy the rest of it. :-) :-)
Damian in Edinburgh   Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:42 pm GMT
LIZ: I don't know why I used the word "orient" in response to your audio clip. I obviously had in mind the knowledge that you come from Hungary (Eastern Europe I know but "orient" is a wee bit off course!) but the tinge of "foreign" in your voice really was quite slight. We hear loads and loads of Eastern Europeans here - probably from further north than Hungary - eg Poland and the Czech Republic, and also from way up north in the Baltic countries, and most of the time they're talking in their own Languages, but the ones who speak English mostly speak it very well, and their accents bear no resemblance to yours at all.

As I say, most of the time you sound as if you may well have origins elsewhere but at the same time you could well have lived in some part of the Home Counties or perhaps any other part of Southern England all your life.

The weekend was good! :-)