My Accent Sample 3 years later (By Ashley)

Ashley   Sun Feb 11, 2007 6:15 pm GMT

What do you think?

Any different from 3 years ago?
Dr.Know   Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:18 pm GMT
Your accent sounds neat and clear. You speaks so clearly. I'd take your accent any day over other American accents. Well done, no speech issues there. Keep it that way :) It seems to me that you exaggerate your vowels that gives an air of clarity to your accent.
Ashley   Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:20 pm GMT
Thank you :) I tried telling people 3 years ago that I'm American!
Dr. Know   Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:21 pm GMT
No kidddddddddding! lol
Ashley   Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:23 pm GMT
Yeah, my reading has improved. I took reading class throughout high school.
asdf   Mon Feb 12, 2007 1:01 am GMT
I think that the reason you sound Korean is because of the way you pronounce words like "novel" and "on". That's the way that Korean people in the West say those words. Sort of like "na-vel" and "an".
Dr.Know   Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:03 pm GMT
Ashley, Can you record a small story for me in your accent if you dont mind? (which I really liked reading it, but want to listen to it as well). At the same time, you can improve your reading out loud :) Details can be worked out here if you agree.
Ashley   Mon Feb 12, 2007 8:58 pm GMT
Sure, I'll read from a book I have..
Dr.Know   Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:11 pm GMT
You can use on-line text for a short story that you know of personally.
Or you can read something interesting from your book. I'll have something recorded for my dear cousin to listen to. She would enjoy listening to your accent. Do it in your spare time, and post it here.
Dr.Know   Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:12 pm GMT
I forgot to mention: Thanks.
Ashley   Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:54 pm GMT

Here's another, sure not perfect, but I didn't stutter :)
Dr. Know   Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:58 pm GMT
Did you speak away from your mic? it sounded too low. Nice try!
Ashley   Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:29 pm GMT

I was speaking a bit low so my mom didn't think I was losing it or something. LOL.
Ashley   Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:34 pm GMT