Did I write correctly?

LVN   Sun Mar 11, 2007 8:50 am GMT
I. May be some sentences below are unnature in English. So please explain to me how to write correctly! (I think you can understand them)

+One of the way lead to success is failure.
+Do not make our contents blatant

I've been studying English for 4 years. At the first 3 years, my teacher taught me but since the 4th year I've studied by myself. The result is my listening is better, but I'm worst at writting (as you see) and speaking ('cause there's nobody practises speaking with me). So please suggest me what to do? I'll show the content of my English studying schedule for you:

1. Listening (www.elllo.org) - everyday
2. Do exercises of Linelife work book (Intermediate) ( 3 days/week)
3. Do exercises of sentences writting (3 days/week)
4. Games (Read book, websites...etc in English --> It's very cool: 2 days/week)

Besides, I have many problems to solve with this schedule cause I'm too busy and I want to make it free.
So how do you feel about my schedule? Please share your ideas!
My e-mail address is: fujimoto93n@yahoo.com
Thank you very much and Good luck!
LVN   Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:05 pm GMT
Please answer my question! and type your e-mail address, I'll send you many special gifts!