It sounds weird....

RalphZ   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:35 am GMT
ohhh it's soo fast, above is for Josh Lalonde
K. T.   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:37 am GMT
It's okay, just don't kill anyone, yourself included, Ralph Z.

I type very, very fast.
RalphZ   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:41 am GMT
haha man, don't worry, Im not that insane Korean guy.
RalphZ   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:46 am GMT
your dialect map is funny!

82. What do you call the gooey or dry matter that collects in the corners of your eyes, especially while you are sleeping?

p. I have no word for this (8.73%)

I poped out laughing when I read this... then how do they call it when they have to?
"hey man u got something there, yep, the corner of your left eye... yep, that little thing, I don't know how to call it"
Thanks   Fri Aug 17, 2007 5:32 am GMT
Thanks to all of you.
Skippy   Sat Aug 18, 2007 4:07 am GMT
I'm from Texas and I've always heard it called "sleep" too... But I've also heard "eye boogers" which grosses me out.
SpaceFlight   Sat Aug 18, 2007 1:23 pm GMT
"sleep" is always what I call it. A lot of other terms for it just sound disgusting.
furrykef   Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:22 pm GMT
I once heard the phrase "I wiped the sleep from my eyes", but I didn't know that it was referring to that. I thought maybe it was referring to the blurred vision you might get when you're sleepy or something.

But maybe I'm just an idiot. ;)

- Kef
Guest   Sat Aug 18, 2007 7:48 pm GMT
sleep, eye crust, the crusties, eye gunk...
Uriel   Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:36 pm GMT
Nope, it really is commonly called "sleep", as in "wipe the sleep from your eyes". Of course, in that context we all know it's not referring to the act of being unconscious for a few hours, but simply to the dried salty residue that accumulates in the corners as your tears evaporate. That's not really "discharge" per se -- discharge would be the thick mucus your eyes sometimes put out, and THAT is what I would call "eye boogers". (Which is exactly what we called that stuff in the vet clinic -- dogs love to have that stuff inthe corners of their eyes!)

The other term I have heard is "sand", which is a better description but not used as much anymore. But that explains why the "Sandman" was said to come and put you to sleep by sprinkling sand in your eyes.
SpaceFlight   Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:37 pm GMT
I'd always refer to it as "sleep".
SpaceFlight   Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:41 pm GMT
Sorry I didn't realize that I had already posted what I called it.