Lee   Thu Aug 16, 2007 8:56 pm GMT
I pronounce this word as [plis] whenever it's an attributive noun and otherwise [p@lis]. Does anyone else here do this?

"police car" [plis kAr\]


"It's the police" [p@lis]
Lazar   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:43 pm GMT
I always pronounce "police" as [p_h@"li:s].
Milton   Fri Aug 17, 2007 12:51 am GMT
''I always pronounce "police" as [p_h@"li:s].''

speaking of it,

I hate the pronunciation [p_h@"li:z] for PLEASE (also spelled: puhlease)
Guest   Fri Aug 17, 2007 3:05 am GMT
I never leave out the first syllable, either

(US English)
Guest   Fri Aug 17, 2007 5:27 am GMT
I pronounce it ["p_holis].
Travis   Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:06 am GMT
By itself I normally pronounce "police" as [p_hM:"M\is], but when unstressed as part of a compound I may pronounce it as ["p_hM\is]. As for "please", I pronounce it as ["p_hM\i:s].
Damian in London E14   Fri Aug 17, 2007 7:40 am GMT
Most usually the word Police is pronounced something like [P-leece] by myself and most others here. In some parts of Scotland (notably in Glasgow) a lot of people stress the first syllable so that it comes out something like [POE-leece]. That's true of Northern Ireland as well where that way of pronouncing the word is even more prominent.

Here in the UK there are many slang terms for the Police (some of them derogatory, reflecting which side of the law the speaker happens to be on) apart from the most usual "coppers". Liverpool seems to have its own little collection of terms for the boys (and girls) in blue. London coppers became The Old Bill, which is now pretty well countrywide, with a national TV police drama series actually called The Bill - supposedly very true to real life police work in an East London police station called Sun Hill.

The world's first ever officially organised Police Service was set up in London in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel (the forerunner of the present Metropolitan Police) with the world's first ever police station being located in Bow Street, close to Covent Garden. From then on police officers (all male in those days) became known as "peelers" or "bobbies" (derived from his name Robert) or "the Bow Street runners".
Guest   Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:15 pm GMT
<<I hate the pronunciation [p_h@"li:z] for PLEASE (also spelled: puhlease)>>

Oh, puhlease!
Lee   Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:40 pm GMT
"police" is [plis] "pleece". One syllable.