Similarities Between English-French-Spanish

rolando   Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:45 am GMT
Is it just me or has anyone ever noticed or seen the Similarities Between English-French-Spanish...? for example...!

En: Domestic
Fr: Domestique
Sp: Domestico

En: Letter
Fr: lettre
Sp: Lettra

En: Million
Fr: million
Sp: Millon

En: Mode
Fr: Mode
Sp: Modo

En: solid
Fr: solide
Sp: solido

En: interesting
Fr: intéressante
Sp: Interesante

En: Public
Fr: publique
Sp: Publico

Can anyone explain why this 2 romance languages & 1 germanic language share similar words...?

How did French & English ever become to look a little similar from one another...?
Guest   Fri Oct 05, 2007 2:07 am GMT
From Wikipedia:

"A survey by Joseph M. Williams in Origins of the English Language of 10,000 words taken from several thousand business letters gave this set of statistics:

* French (langue d'oïl), 41%
* "Native" English, 33%
* Latin, 15%
* Danish, 2%
* Dutch, 1%
* Other, 10%"

So you see, that's why they are so similar.