The Best Way I know To Get A Free Audio Book.

AngelSW   Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:15 am GMT
An audio book is a book whose contents have been read onto a disc. Audio books can be downloaded on cassettes, CDs, or in mp3 format. It can also be called as "books on tape."
Audio books can be downloaded from cyberspace, bought in bookshops or took up from libraries. They get in an assortment of formats: CD, cassette and it can download to a Comp or MP3 player. There are free audio book internet sites, lease audio books sites and clubs where you involved as a member and from there you can download <a href=>”Audio Books”</a> easily.

It is true that most audio bookshops are in the business enterprise to attaining profit, so won't be willing to distribute audio books free of charge, but there are additional sources to acquire entirely free audio books.

Here are few ways to get free audio books.

1. There are few libraries which are catching up on the unbelievable worth of audio books and so are embracing the technology. These libraries at present contain audio book leasing services where customers can download audio books as of the comfort of their homes or offices.

As a result, you can visit the website of your neighboring library or give them a call to query if they offer this service or not. If they don't, then there are lots of Internet Libraries that are providing awesome services regarding the same.

2. Rather than libraries, there are many audio book rental internet sites that permit consumers to download some of their audio books for free, to get a experience of the benefits of being members.

But remember, you're only allowable to utilize the downloaded audio books for your personal use and not for commercial intentions. Once you are caught burning these audio books into CDs to sell and make profit, it will be considered a very severe criminal offence.

3. Other than libraries and rental internet sites, there are some websites which offers audio books for completely free. These websites are Online Stores that don't give users complete versions for free, but give free excerpts. These may be a few minutes to more than 30 minutes. These online audio book stores intentions is to give users a feel of what the complete audio book includes.

Downloadable <a href=>”Audio Books”</a> are growing in popularity because they are easily accessible, affordable, and portable. They fit into today's busy lifestyles and the increase in sales is proof that more and more consumers are discovering audio books.

So, who says you must pay each time to get free audio books?