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Get free learning time with background listening

by Tomasz P. Szynalski

Listening is very different from other input activities like reading, watching videos or playing videogames. When you’re listening, you don’t have to be sitting or lying down, and you don’t have to use your eyes. This means you can listen to English while walking, jogging, driving a car, cleaning your room, having breakfast or cooking dinner. You can do it while surfing the Web or doing some repetitive work. You can even emulate Khatzumoto and play foreign-language recordings all day and all night for 18 months.

Listening is an amazing deal because it gives you free learning time. You do not need to set aside any “English time” — you can learn English while you’re doing other things that you have to do anyway. Even if you are a busy person and have no time for English, you certainly have time for listening!