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[pr.. n^n si(:) 'ei S.n] = /prənʌnsiˈeɪʃən/
  1. The pronunciation of a word is what you hear when someone says the word. Most words have only one pronunciation, but sometimes a word has two or more pronunciations.
    You must learn the pronunciation of all the words that you want to use in speech.
    This word has a strange pronunciation.
    If you don’t know the pronunciation of a word, don’t use the word. Use another one.
    The dictionary gives two different pronunciations for this word.
    When you forget the pronunciation of a word, you must find it in a dictionary.
  2. A person’s pronunciation is the way they sound when they speak a language.
    If you want to speak English well, you must work on your pronunciation.
    The foreigner has lived in America for only two years but he has excellent pronunciation.
    His grammar is good but his pronunciation is awful.
    Nobody could understand the foreigner because he had bad pronunciation.
  3. English pronunciation is the way English words sound.
    If you want people to understand you, you have to study English pronunciation.
    English pronunciation is difficult to learn because it is not related to the spelling of words.
    Pronunciation in American English is different from the British English pronunciation.
    The teacher teaches only grammar and vocabulary. He doesn’t teach pronunciation. And his students cannot communicate in English when they go abroad.