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AmE [vOu 'k@b j.. le ri(:)] = /voʊˈkæbjəleri/
BrE [vOu 'k@b j.. l(..) ri(:)] = /vəʊˈkæbjəl(ə)ri/
  1. The vocabulary of a language are all the words in that language.
    This teacher teaches only vocabulary. He does not teach grammar.
    If you have problems with English vocabulary, you must buy a good English dictionary.
    English has a large vocabulary.
    Which language has the largest vocabulary?
  2. A person’s vocabulary are all the words that the person knows.
    The teacher tested the student’s vocabulary.
    The foreigner’s vocabulary is so small that he cannot express his thoughts easily.
    When my neighbor saw the word “tintinnabulation” in a newspaper, he decided that it should become part of his vocabulary.