Code X

abc   Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:33 am GMT
What is it?
"You tapped that ass didn't you? You took her in the back seat of your car and boom, Code X." Denzil Washington
Guest   Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:41 am GMT
Probably sex.
K. T.   Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:47 am GMT
If it's from "Training Day", then it's a fake code word, just as Guest indicated above. Source: Urban Dictionary
abc   Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:05 am GMT
What's urban dictionary? Is that fake too?
Guest   Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:13 am GMT
K. T.   Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:52 am GMT
You can check it out on the internet for yourself. It has slang, etc.
xyz   Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:59 pm GMT
<<What's urban dictionary? Is that fake too?>>

This is a poster which started the process in another thread asking about chemical compounds over and over again. I saw it also in other threads but can't recall exactly what the subject was at hand, but if it is the same person as I recall, there will follow a series of mindless inquirys with the purpose on seeing how many times you will respond to a chain of nonsensical challenges to your previous answer.

Best advise is to answer maybe one time and stop when the chain of querying begins to escalate.
abc   Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:39 am GMT
"chemical compounds over and over again"
The only chemical compound thread I posted was entitled "peroxide."
Why don't you just go screw yourself?
Guest   Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:35 pm GMT
An abc poster has been around here for a long time.
Guest   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:16 pm GMT
Yes. This particular abc is a nudnick:

nud·nik also nud·nick (ndnk)
n. Slang
An obtuse, boring, or bothersome person; a pest.
Origin: [Yiddish, nudne, boring (from nudyen, to bore; see nudge2) + -nik, -nik.]

This is also similar to the person posting variously as MollyB, Morgan, Milton, etc, whose questions are usually centered around the subject of language bias and dialect discrimination. The questions are usually assumption loaded and therefore are not designed to engender discussion as much as they are designed to launch her soapbox lectures. The other questions, fewer in number, fall into the 'definition' category, where the OP posts separte entires asking for definitions of words that could easily be looked up on the internet.

The MollyB poster may be the same person as abc as they are both nudnicks perstering us with the intent of garnering negative attention. In all cases the question-response pattern is the same, to wit: Loaded (sometimes non-sensical) question - response from forum posters - assumption loaded inflamatory question or inflamatory retort.

Then this cyce repeats itself over and over in multiple threads of the same subject and theme. The OP in these cases never includes any thought or information in her posts and attempts at an exchange of ideas are met with childish retorts ('Why don't you just go screw yourself?') bereft of any semblance of a coherent argument.

It's like talking to an American Christian Evangelical or a Jehova's Witness. You can't get past the preprogrammed messages to any actual thought.
Guest   Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:57 pm GMT
You da man, girl.
Guest   Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:41 am GMT
10 Aug 2005

abc "singing the blues."

"But when the wedding season runs out, and the once-jingling
tambourine falls silent, those academic diplomas can keep a girl from
singing the blues."
what does it mean?

Asked by abc on 10 Aug 2005.

Is it the same abc?
Guest   Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:32 am GMT
3 years with Antimoon
Guest   Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:50 am GMT
I remember that thread.
abc   Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:29 am GMT
>>Is it the same abc?