Only 15 % of Indians speak English

Indian   Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:42 am GMT
<<I forgot to tell you something just now. What you ever heard of, was, is, and will be from the anti-China hearsay, it's not very true, or even rumour, if you're highly educated youth, please make sense of political cold war, because some politic strategies are only to serve politicians or anti-government organizations. OK, let's stop here, hope you always happy.>>

So there was actually no melanine in the milk then? Even the government admitted it, yet the people still won't believe it!

And Hindi is not hegemonic, India is multicultural and no culture is forced on people. We use English to communicate between ethnicities.

And I admit that India is not so great, there are huge faults and I am constantly angry with the government. You see, not all nations are brainwashed and mindlessly nationalistic.
Chinese   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:04 am GMT
To Indian:

<So there was actually no melanine in the milk then? Even the government admitted it, yet the people still won't believe it!>

Re: I didn't deny this fact, but what I really want you to know is, there're a lot of inveracious pieces among the news about China, even US and UK ever made some false news, and later they apologized for their irresponsible behaviors, and some reports about Tibetan issue are inclined to help a tyrant to do evil things, dalai lama is a real autarch of slavery system, do you know details of the past and today, no, you Indians just listened to dalai lama when they talked nonsense or slandered China. And your government still support terroristic organization of Tibetan meristem. Most of all, our Chinese aren't all brainwashed, we're almost level-headed, we don't buy good weapons to frighten other countries, and certainly, we NEVER support any terrorisms in the world, though US, Europe, India, ever supported, or are still supporting them, this is double standard of western deceptive politics, and finally, I suggest India should improve the whole sanitary condition, because indians are still living in such a dirty and littery space, it's not lampoon, it's just my personal well-meaning advice. OK, hope you healthy. Thanks!
Indian   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:27 am GMT
If by 'supporting terrorism' you mean 'getting involved in other countries' affairs', then China also does that. China gave logistic support to warring nations of Korea and Vietnam and Cambodia. China gives logistic support to brutal regimes in Africa who are effectuating genocide as we speak. So while some are forgiveable, like opposing American aggression which I would do too, others are not, like supporting Sudan. This is the same with all countries. India also does it. So your country is not better, it is not more peaceful, it is the same. It does bad and good, but mostly bad, just like the USA or USSR or India.

As for the Dalai Lama, he might have been a 'terrorist' in the past, maybe, but now he is not dangerous, just a normal politician so you should treat him such. A lot of normal politicians were involved in wars before, but are treated normally. Hu Jintao is also a killer, who wnats progress at the expense of millions of lives and will not admit failure and who wants to invade Mongolia even.
Chinese   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:47 am GMT
To Indian:

Can you watch French 2 or 24 chanel on TV? Just have a look to find what exactly kind of person dalai lama and his regime are, it's not from China's TV, it meets the demand of Western standard, and if you're interested in how miserable and macabre Tibetans' lives were in the past, and how happy and free today, please, if you have enough money, come to China, and you'll find the true answer, in fact, Indians know much less about China, even less than US and Europe do, though India is the closest neighbor of China, you really should do it as that Pakistani told you, "Actions speak louder than words", and you said China also did some bad things, yes, for example, Cultural Revolution is such a fearful and absurd catastrophe, but when it comes to the thread of Vietnam War or North Korea War, it was political policy against USA army, just like Indians fight against UK or US or Pakistan, and in Africa, China NEVER supports any inhumanity or crime, because China has been getting more and more civilized and harmonious. If you can live in China for a few years, you'll understand everything you're unclear about, but I know, you still don't like China and Chinese, Ok, it's your human right. Thanks!
Chinese   Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:50 am GMT
Outer Mongolia was ever a part of China's territory, but now, only Inner Mongolia belongs to China, because, Outer Mongolia was forcibly divided from China by hegemonic USSR (Soviet Russia). A councilor of Outer Mongolia Once claimed that his country should come back to China in future. But we think that it all depends on Mongolian's wish, on people's will.
The Khan   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:13 am GMT
<< Outer Mongolia was ever a part of China's territory, >>

That is B.S.! The first time Outer Mongolia was "Chinese" territory was under the Yuan Dynasty, which was ruled by Kubla Khan. So actually, China was part of was "Mongolian" territory then. Outer Mongolia was not "Chinese" territory until the Manchurian Qing Dynasty ruled China. This was also the last dynasty to rule.

So you can't say that Out Mongolia "was ever" a part of China's territory. Besides, you built the Great Wall to keep the Mongols out, remember?

Chinese also claim the same thing about Tibet.
Chinese   Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:01 am GMT
To: The Khan

Before Mongolians invaded and occupied "China", Chinese had been living happily in highly developed China‘s "SONG"(宋) dynasty, Mongolians army cruelly massacred countless Chinese common people (NOT Chinese army), with brutal and inhuman means, it even caused a great decrease in the number of China's population, Mongolians ranked different races into 4 classes, if a person of the first class killed people of third or fourth class, he would be judged as "not guilty" and released immediately, they raped and killed girls at their pleasure...Mongolians are the most lunatic, savage, and inhumane race in the world, your crimes can be compared with what Japanese army ever did during 1937-1945. Fortunately, China's “MING”(明) dynasty defeated Mongolians successfully, then from Manchurian dynasty to Republic of China (中華民國), Mongolia (Outer+Inner) belongs to China all along, until USSR (Soviet Russia) forced China to admit the independence of Outer Mongolia, at that time, USSR was an overbearing jumbo in the world, so China's government had no choices but to indulged the independence of Outer Mongolia in the end. In ancient history, if Mongolians didn't ever aggress old China, maybe Mongolia wouldn't be a part of China later, and now, Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) is only a developing country of animal husbandry, while China...Do you still think that your Mongolians ancestor really did some great things?
Chinese   Mon Dec 01, 2008 7:35 am GMT
The Khan: (Chinese also claim the same thing about Tibet).

To: The Khan

Actions speak louder than words!

I'm fed up with anti-Chinese stereotyped games.
Vpered Mongolia   Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:10 am GMT
I'm not anti-Chinese, but you're diatribe is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. Do all Chinese people share your victimised psyche? It reeks of official propaganda to me. Chinese nationalism seems to be based on the idea that China is victimised and slandered by everyone, the reason of course because the whole world is jealous of China's superiority. Haha, nice try! And actually, Mongolia is reasonably well off, no worse than most Chinese at least, the Soviets have given them a great boost to prosperity. Recently Putin visited Mongolia and reinforced his commitment to raising the level of living in Mongolia, with strong support of the locals, who distrust China with good reason and want closer ties with Russia.
Chinese   Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:40 am GMT
To: Vpered Mongolia

haha...I'm not very interested in whether there's a good relationship or expectation between Mongolia and Russia, actually Russia was, and is still a chauvinistic and hegemonic country with quite a lot of superiorities inside, even much more than China. Please remember that China was, is, and will be a brilliant, civilized, and awakened lion, although it has some segments of humiliation and weakness. Mr. Mongolia, can you explain why Mongols invaded China during SONG dynasty, if China were a big slum, or nothing better than Mongolia, would your Mongols attempt to depredate ancient China? I'm not nationalist, I just want to tell you something you tried to slide over, then you, again, mentioned about Tibet, from the viewpoint of nationalists, just like those false apologists who hate or envy China/Chinese just for some sunless political motives. OK, just follow upon the heels of Russia or USA, and please forget your crimes of killing people like flies in China. I hope Mongolia can exceed China in many respects one day, haha...
Vpered Mongolia   Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:49 am GMT
I don't actually care greatly what happened the SONG dynasty. That was 800 years ago. I have moved on! That is one of the reasons why China (and Mongolia also, and most countries in this part of the world) are not civilised countries. Civilised countries are able to forgive past grievances. 800 years is a long time. Look at Europe. Just 60 years ago (YES, ONLY 60) they were massacring one another by the tens of millions, and yet today those wounds are, if not forgotten, almost entirely healed and confronted with unity and comprehension from all sides. When will our Asian countries learn to be civilised and move into a new stage of development? Mongolia may once have controlled China, and viceversa, but so what? Germany once controlled France, France once controlled Germany, Germany once controlled Hungary, France once controlled Poland, Arabs once controlled Spain, Russia once controlled Finland and so on and so forth.... Time to grow up for all Asians, for the good of everyone.
Chinese   Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:02 am GMT
To: Vpered Mongolia

OK, I apologize for my indignation, not against Mongols, mainly because I've read a lot of anti-Chinese posts in other forums, maybe I'm in a bad mood.
Chinese   Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:10 am GMT
To: junger (first floor)

Sorry for my digressing from your subject.
Another Indian   Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:04 am GMT
Interesting discussion: let me add my 2 cents, I'll try to be as level-headed as possible :)

To Pakistani:

I only hope you were joking when you said W.Bengal wants to secede from India. What a laugh! I am a Bengali, lived my entire life there, and can guarantee you this: No Bengali, in their wildest dreams wants to secede. Ridiculous really. Now about Arunachal Pradesh. Go and ask the people in that state what they want. See what they say!!

India and Pakistan have a shared history stretching back centuries, and till today shares many of the same problems. However, there are some differences, which I find noteworthy:
a) India is the world's largest democracy and I am willing to bet a million dollars that till the world comes to an end, India will remain one. Unfortunately, things in Pakistan aren't quite so stable.
b) I just read a report in NYT stating what an achievement it is for Americans to even allow a black man, with a Muslim father to stand for the presidency, and how probably the only other country where this would be possible is India. The thing I am proudest about India is its multi-racial, multi-religious fabric.

Now onto terrorism. I know for a fact that the common people of Pakistan know terrorism is a menace, for us and for Pakistanis themselves. However, the fact remains that a small, and powerful section of Pakistan actively supports terrorism. I am obviously referring to the military and ISI.

Its easy to see why. The military commands a huge chunk of the country's resources, and the only way to keep their hold on power is to sow seeds of hatred against India in the minds of people. There is a lot of propaganda which goes on in Pakistan against India. Lot of propaganda here too, by idiots like Modi and Thackerey, but much, much smaller in scale.

The worst nightmare scenario for the Pakistan army is if we suddenly decide to hand over Kashmir one fine day. Can you imagine what the army would do then? The whole reason for its existence is demolished. The huge power they hold now would be gone in a second.

I always try and be rational about events, but after something like the Mumbai attacks, I dont blame my countrymen for becoming passionate, and demanding some action. Btw, I'm an atheist, and believe the world would be a much better place had there been no religion at all, but that's beside the point.
European   Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:51 am GMT
I want to add my whole dollar.

In my opinion, Pakistan has a worse scenario than ever: USA, Japan, India, European Union, Russia and Chinacan think that Pakistan (Iran, Afghanistan and Irak) are a dangerous area.

They can think that Pakiskan is very unstable and all these countries together attack Pakistan to avoid a nuclear war. They can get the control over the nuclear weapons and go out of the country.

Thanks to Islamic terrorism, very different countries can attack at the same time Pakistan. It would take only one day: China, India, Russia, European Union, USA, Canada, Australia and Israel will take control of the country in several hours.

All the countries can give these nuclear weapons to India, and the total control of the area. In my opinion, this idea would be very clever.