How to pronounce these symbols

Sarcastic Northwesterner   Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:32 am GMT
>> (Note that the pronunciations below are mine)

@: at ["E{?], at sign ["E{?%sa:I~n] or ["E{?%sa:I~]
*: asterisk ["E{StSr\Ik]
%: percent sign ["p_hR=sE~?%sa:I~n] or ["p_hR=sE~?%sa:I~]
^: caret ["k_he:RI?]
~: tilde ["t_hI:M4@:]
#: hash ["hE{S], pound sign ["p_ha:U~n:%sa:I~n] or ["p_ha:U~n:%sa:I~] <<

Or if you're a Northwesterner, they're pronounced

@: at ["{?], at sign ["{? saIn]
*: asterisk [{str\Iks]
%: percent sign [p_hr\=sEn? saIn]
^: caret ["k_hEr\I?]
~: tilde [t_hIld@]
#: hash ["h{S], pound sign
Guest #123   Sun Jul 29, 2007 4:34 am GMT
<<I never use "number sign" in place of "pound" because to me, it sounds a bit too juvenile.

And I cringe when others say "number sign," especially when I know that they are much more educated than that.>>

It's a number sign when used before the number:

Example: a listing in the Delaware-Otsego county MLS might be written as #65412

It's the pound sign when used after the number:

Example: a (old) cannon might be designed for 32# shot.