Whats the difference between portuguese and brazilian portu.

Guest   Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:34 pm GMT
I find it comical that every time this question is posed in relation to the difference that exist between Eu Portuguese and Br Portuguese, Afrikaans and Dutch is brought up.

I am dead sure the people that mention these two languages donĀ“t know how to speak either one but know that the two broke away from each other and that will serve there purposes just fine.

The fact is that there are various dutch dialects in the Netherlands and only standard dutch is taught at school. That means a good part of the Dutch speak two different types of Dutch and in fact in certain cases Afrikaans and standard Dutch are closer to each other then to these dialects.
Even though Afrikaans is a separate language still to this day Dutch is consulted when a foreign word with no equivalent word in Afrikaans is encountered.

In the case of Br Portuguese and Eu Portuguese the differences are much less pronounced. If anything the comparison should be done between Dutch and Flemish which are both a Dutch, just a dialect of one another.