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Why you need a good English dictionary

If you get a good English dictionary, you will be better than 90% of English learners. It’s unbelievable, but most people (even people who want to learn English very much) simply go to a bookstore and buy the first dictionary they see.

That is a big mistake! A bad dictionary will give you problems sooner or later — maybe in two months, maybe in one year — and you will have to buy a good one anyway! Isn’t it better to buy a good dictionary the first time?

Getting a good English dictionary is important because:

  • A good dictionary will be your guide to English. It will teach you new words, how to pronounce them, and how to use them. It will help you understand English texts. Successful English learners use their dictionaries all the time: when reading books, at English classes, when writing e-mail, when doing homework, when surfing the Web.
  • It is an easy first step in your English-learning program — you only need to spend a little money (much less than you would pay for an English course). Once you’ve made the first step, it will be easier for you to do the rest.
  • It requires spending money. Yes, this is a good thing. :-) Spending some of your money on learning English will give you an impulse to keep learning and work towards your goal of mastering English.