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The two most popular spaced-repetition applications are SuperMemo and Anki. SuperMemo is the original SRS — its first version was created in 1985 by SRS pioneer Piotr Wozniak, who is still developing new versions of the software.

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SuperMemo or Anki?

  • You have to choose Anki if you want to use the software on MacOS, Linux or a smartphone. SuperMemo works only on Windows. Anki can synchronize your collection across different platforms, so you can, for example, add new items on your PC and later review them on your phone.
  • Both Anki and SuperMemo use Piotr Wozniak’s SuperMemo algorithm. However, Anki used a modified version of the SM2 algorithm (developed in 1987). SuperMemo uses a far more advanced algorithm (SM15), which, according to Wozniak, adapts better to your memory and can give you the same results with less work (source).
  • Anki gives you better control over item layout. If you like to set your fonts and colors “just right”, you will probably have more fun using Anki.

Online SRS

If you don’t want to add your own words and phrases to an SRS (for example, because you have very little time or you’re not good with computers), there are ready-made English courses based on SRS technology. Check out or, if you live in Poland,