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Use spaced-repetition software (SRS)

What is SRS and what can it do for you? ~ Spaced-repetition software lets you keep things (e.g. English vocabulary) in your head. It is based on scientific research on human memory.

  • How does it work? ~ You add some knowledge to your SRS (e.g. 100 English words). Every day, you review part of the knowledge (e.g. 5 words). In the process, the SRS collects information about your memory.
  • Why is it good? ~ You can remember thousands of English words and phrases while spending only 10 minutes a day on reviews. This is possible because, in an SRS, you don’t waste time on reviewing things you know well; you only review things you really need to review.
  • What are the results? ~ An SRS can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, ace your tests, understand books and movies, eliminate your mistakes, and amaze all your friends with your progress.

Which SRS should you get? ~ The most popular choices are Anki and SuperMemo.

Me and SuperMemo ~ Tom writes about his personal experience with SuperMemo from 1993 to 2002. He talks about his motivation for using SuperMemo and his excellent results while learning English in high school.

How to use an SRS to learn languages

Getting started with SuperMemo

In this manual, you will learn the basics of using SuperMemo for learning English.

  1. Installing and uninstalling SuperMemo
  2. Starting your first collection
  3. Memorizing and reviewing knowledge