To start learning with PerfectPronunciation, click the Learn button at the bottom of the window.

In PerfectPronunciation, you learn English pronunciation with very short exercises. Each exercise teaches you to pronounce one English word. Here’s how an exercise works:

  1. PerfectPronunciation shows you an English word, for example:

    pron: 'be'

    Pron shows that you are asked about the pronunciation of the word.

  2. Say the word to yourself. You don’t have to pronounce it perfectly, but you should know which English sounds it contains, and you should know how they are properly pronounced (when in doubt, use the phonetic reference). Try to pronounce different sounds in a different way. For example, try not to say @ and e in the same way.
  3. Press the Show answer button. The correct answer appears. This is the phonetic transcription of the word, for example:


    At the same time, you can hear a recording of the word pronounced in American English. (For some words, there is more than one version of the transcription and the recording.) You can click the green Play button to hear the recording again.

  4. Compare your answer with the correct answer. Did you think about the correct English sounds? Did you pronounce them correctly?
  5. Give yourself a grade between 0 (very bad) and 5 (very good). The grade is used by PerfectPronunciation to optimize your learning (see “Grading”)
  6. Press Next repetition. The next exercise appears and you repeat these steps.