How often do you use English?

all the sheep   Monday, April 07, 2003, 11:20 GMT
nono Brad Spit is doing fine with the accent.
You just add subtitles , so the deaf americans can watch the movie too.
abdul   Monday, April 07, 2003, 12:10 GMT
Hi mjd!

I don't speak English often. But I read English material very often. The main problem when reading English material is vocabulary and idiom. But, it can be solved by using online dictionary. I use

I think the main problem for me is English speaking. It is difficult to solve. I must stop several times at the time of speaking to find the most appropriate words to speak.
Valentin Cognito   Monday, April 07, 2003, 12:23 GMT
To cmhiv
> Valentin, j'adorais si tu voulais m'aider ! J'aime parler pour pratiquer le français.
> D'ou viens-tu? La France ? Je viens des Etats Unis, en Californie. Et toi?

Bonjour cmhiv !
Je serais très content de t'aider ! Il faudrait trouver un moyen de pouvoir communiquer autrement que par le forum. Je ne pense pas que l'on puisse chatter, à cause du décalage horaire. Si tu veux, je peux toujours te donner une adresse e-mail.
J'habite en France, dans le nord.

English version, just to be sure...
Hi cmhiv !
I would be glad to help you ! We should find a way to communicate, an other one that this forum. I don't think we can chat, because of the time shift (?). If you want, I can give you my email address.
I live in France, in the north.

To mjd
> "Seven" is one of my favorite movies; what did you find difficult about the dialogue?
It's one of my favourite movies too (that's why I have the DVD). But they always talk low, quick, and have, I guess, an american accent, and they just say half of the words (?).
It depends on which movies I'm watching. For example, I can understand 70% of South Park, 50% of The Simpsons and 20% of Seven.
Redacted   Monday, April 07, 2003, 13:45 GMT
I speak Welsh probably about 80% of my daily life. I speak English with my Dad and in the English lesson in school.
cmhiv   Monday, April 07, 2003, 16:09 GMT
Bonne idée, Valetin. Peut-etre tu peux créer une addresse de couriel, pour la securité (je crois des personnes qui fera mal si tu donnes ton address de couriel).
Bierfee to Redacted   Monday, April 07, 2003, 16:12 GMT
Could you write something in Welsh? Please. I've never been to Wales but I hope to go someday. I once tried to learn a couple of words in Welsh...but I didn't have the slightest idea how to pronounce them.
All I remember is "Nadolig Llawen".
cmhiv   Monday, April 07, 2003, 16:21 GMT
Redacted, ble udu di? Udu di i buth at u vorum.
Valentin Cognito to cmhiv   Monday, April 07, 2003, 16:38 GMT
Bonjour cmhiv !
Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui ?
Bon, j'ai créé une adresse email temporaire, pour éviter que tout le monde ne sache ma vraie adresse email... Tu peux écrire à
Voilà, j'espère avoir de tes nouvelles...
A bientôt.
cmhiv   Monday, April 07, 2003, 20:47 GMT
Superbe, Valetin. Je t'envoyerai une courriel plus tard.
mjd   Tuesday, April 08, 2003, 01:18 GMT
Hi Abdul,

How long have you been studying English? Are there any idioms you're unsure of? Don't worry about pausing and searching for the correct word. While it may be frustrating at times, it helps one to think, find the appropriate word, and thus add it to their vocabulary so it can be used in the future without any hesitation.

Valentin Cognito,

When you say that they say half the words, do you mean stuff like?:

How are you doing.........Howya doin'

going to........gonna


Which sin do you think is the worst in "Seven?" I'd have to say sloth.
Valentin Cognito   Tuesday, April 08, 2003, 06:37 GMT
To cmhiv :
It's OK, I received it.

To mjd :
Yes, it's a lot of things like : How are you doing.........Howya doin'
I'll watch it again and I'll tell you...

whew, it's difficult to pick one... I would say "pride"...
mike   Tuesday, April 08, 2003, 15:30 GMT
I use english every day when I talk to myself in my mind's eye, as it were.
Das Behälter   Tuesday, April 08, 2003, 22:28 GMT
I think when learning English by watching English TV, it helps to have the Closed Captioning on so you can read the dialog as well as hear the words. From the age of 8 months, I have used "CC" with my daughter and she knows how to read simple books and she isn't even in Kindergarden yet! She will start in September.
up   Wednesday, April 09, 2003, 03:57 GMT
Dmitry Lovermann   Wednesday, April 09, 2003, 05:31 GMT
I use 50% Russian, 40% Czech while speaking, but 90% of material I read is in czech. I don`t speak english except on english lessons in High School. And I read very little in english also.