German Pronunciation

Tremmert   Friday, May 30, 2003, 18:44 GMT
Is German pronounced phonetically? If so is there somewhere one can get an MP3 which is a paragraph read aloud or something - I found a page showing basic pronunciation rules but I'm not sure how to put them together.
Tom   Friday, May 30, 2003, 19:58 GMT
No, but it's much more regular than English. In English, you have to memorize the pronunciation of a lot more words than in German.

Check out the website for Deutsche Welle -- the German news channel. You should be able to find some audio files there.
Clark   Friday, May 30, 2003, 21:03 GMT
In my experience with German, it is very phonetic. However, written dialects that are very different from standard German are not as phonetic as standard German is.
Chantal   Friday, May 30, 2003, 21:30 GMT
In my opinion, German is more phonetic than Enlish. I place it somewhere between French and Spanish, closer to Spanish.
Antonio   Tuesday, June 03, 2003, 15:29 GMT
I would say German is extremelly phonetic... OKay that we have consonantal encounters and diphthongs, but for that the only trouble - even if minor compered to English´s and Portuguese´s - are the ´ch´ double sound and the umlauts ( ie: häuser = Freud ).
kurre   Thursday, June 12, 2003, 06:07 GMT
German is phonetic as hell.
Tremmert   Friday, June 13, 2003, 17:33 GMT
Can't seem to find anything on Deutsche Welle - maybe I should look in the German section, except I wouldn't be able to understand it...
Tom   Saturday, June 14, 2003, 23:54 GMT
thomas   Sunday, June 15, 2003, 00:39 GMT
chantal   Sunday, June 15, 2003, 00:45 GMT
try Yahoo Germany
They have "Nachrichten" and videos "auf Deutsch". You may find something to your liking.