Spellling Reforms

Guillaume   Sunday, July 06, 2003, 15:00 GMT
When I saw ' thru ' in a video game site for the first time, I believed it was a spelling mistake. Then I checked this word in my Babylon dictionary software which told me it's an accepted abbreviation. As I think it's shorter and more logic, now I always use this version !

' thru ' is rare against ' through ' but if everyone who prefer this version write like that, more people will see it and will be convinced. Thus, in 10 years, perhaps ' thru ' will be more frequent thru evolution !
Lana   Sunday, July 06, 2003, 18:47 GMT
"Thru" is not be acceptable in formal or business writing, however. At least not yet !
Jim   Monday, July 07, 2003, 00:46 GMT
You'd only see "thru" in informal writing. Languages evolve but ten years is pushing it, maybe in one hundred years or so "thru" will be on par with "through" in terms of acceptance.