Slang in English speaking countries.

boy   Sunday, July 13, 2003, 01:42 GMT
to boy,

>>Yesterday, when my folks wrote the same term to me but I replied differently. "Oh, nuthin' much, same shit, different day". <<

Are you on drugs? If it is, you probably need to get some rest, buddy. Chill out a little bit. Just for your kind information, my parents are living with me right now at my crib and I'm come from a respectable family, so I know more manners than you, like how to talk with them. Which language I have to use, all sorts of similar things. By the way, my mom doesn't know how to speak English, As for my father is concerned, he can have a conversation easily with English-speakin' people but atleast he even doesn't know what the word "bucks" mean. So, you should keep aside all negative words. Anyway, the bottom line is I didn't write that sentence to them atleast. As you're aware enough to use the internet, then you must know that the world is becoming smaller and more smaller by contacting people from rest of the world. Finding out an e-pal is just easy as pie.

>>You do realise that "shit" is a bad word, right?<<

I realize that "shit" is a bad word but I think there are many many bad words that you'll find out more stronger than this word. Mostly, teenagers speak it even in their native-language here in my country or sometimes "Damn it". It is so commonly used that there is no longer it has stronger element.

In a word, your first question was very stupid. Don't assume anything unless or until you see the facts with your eyes.
boy   Sunday, July 13, 2003, 10:12 GMT
to boy,

>>Yesterday, when my folks wrote the same term to me but I replied differently. "Oh, nuthin', same shit, different day". <<

A-hahahahah. You actually said this to your parents??? You do realise that "shit" is a bad word, right?

I'm really sorry to you because there had been a marginal misunderstanding between you and me. I went ballistic on you by mistake because when I read your post, and you mentioned "parents" so I thought you were accusing me to use a bad language against them. For example, "shit" could be a bad word but the thing is when I wrote "folks" in my previous post that expressed "friends" as a meaning not as "parents".

I guess "folks" could also express "parents" as well as "friends". I write e-mails to my folks. I don't know who is wrong, me or you. Anyway, accept apologies from the bottom of my heart.
Jim   Monday, July 14, 2003, 04:29 GMT

"Aggro" can be an adjective: "aggravatied", "bothered", "belligerent" or "aggressive".

I don't know that I'd count "billabong", "jackaroo" or "jumbuck" as slang but just standard Aussie English words.

I've heard "jillaroo" for a female jackaroo.

You've left out one of my favourites: "struth".
Rugger   Monday, July 14, 2003, 06:24 GMT
Jim, I agree that "billabong", "jackaroo", "jumbuck" aren't considered to be slang, but I just couldn't resist listing them to educate non-Aussies on their meaning. Your favourite "struth" did come to mind (along with Alf Stewart), but only after I had posted, so thanks for including it in your post.
Boy   Monday, July 14, 2003, 07:51 GMT
Hi Julian,
Just tell me which ones are old and new slang expressions. I'll appreciate your help.

46) a couch potato/ a sofa slug
47) chow
48) pad
49) crestin'
50) Catch some Z's
51) hit the sack.
52) a tough cookie
53) Ticker
54) Yikes!
55) bodacious babe
56) kicks
57) fender-bender
58) all-it-know
59) Put an all-nighter
60) Veg out
61) Wuss out
62) bonehead
63) sonwabitch
64) Butts (do you have some butts?)
65) ugly-butt
66) deadmeat
67) Punk
68) lick
69) gig
70) ghetto/ boom box
Julian   Friday, July 18, 2003, 04:08 GMT
>Hi Julian, Just tell me which ones are old and new slang expressions. I'll appreciate your help.

46) a couch potato/ a sofa slug - first one, cliché; second, i've never heard before
47) chow - old
48) pad - old
49) crestin' -old
50) Catch some Z's - cliché
51) hit the sack - cliché
52) a tough cookie - cliché
53) Ticker - don't know this one
54) Yikes! - old
55) bodacious babe - old
56) kicks - old
57) fender-bender - cliché
58) all-it-know - this doesn't sound right
59) Put an all-nighter - *PULL* an all-nighter - old
60) Veg out - old
61) Wuss out - old
62) bonehead - old
63) sonwabitch - sonuvabitch - old
64) Butts (do you have some butts?) - hunh?
65) ugly-butt - this sounds like something a second grader would say
66) deadmeat - old
67) Punk - old
68) lick - in what context?
69) gig - old
70) ghetto/ boom box - old
HiyaKiani   Friday, July 18, 2003, 05:25 GMT
Yo, whuddup?

I still hear people at my school say, "Oh, that's hella ghetto!" (stress on the "hella.")

Do you mean 'know-it-all instead' of "all-it-know"? (it's old)

I say gig when referring to a performance that my string ensemble usually does at some venue. That only when I say it.

Another slang term, which I hope isn't popular anywhere else, is "Lumpkin" (The most stupidest word ever.) Basically at school if somebody said or did did something stupid, a person would say, "Man, that's a lumpkin." And sock that person on the shoulder or head. I usually sock the person who said 'lumpkin.' Now people start to say, "Dude, that's a pound." Which is better I guess.

Guofei Ma   Friday, July 18, 2003, 18:12 GMT
Golly, Kiani, to which school do you go? In Lynbrook High School, West San Jose, California, pupils don't call each other lumpkins (what is that supposed to mean, anyways?) and definitely don't sock one another.

I remember you saying something about Mustang being your school mascot and Raiders being the American football team you support. By the second clue, you must live in the S.F. Bay Area. As for Mustangs, I recall that I once saw a high school in San Bruno with Mustangs as its mascot. Do you attend that school? It must be a jolly awful place.
HiyaKiani (to Guofei Ma)   Saturday, July 19, 2003, 05:22 GMT
I live in North Highlands/Sacramento border. (Foothill High Mustangs) I used to live 30 mins. away from S.F. (We moved around ALOT.) I've been a Raider fan for years.

It was new to me when I first heard "lumpkin". Now it's stupid and annoying. But they only sock their friends. (A boy did it to my math teacher though.) Usually if they don't now a person they won't sock them. They'll just say lumpkin. Some say "pound" instead, too. But with that you hear people saying, "Why do you say that." which shows that they are from another school area.

Anyway, our school some students came up with thier own games and slang terms. And they sort of passed around the school and to FFJH across the field. Ie.: You know how when you see a slug bug vehicle someone says, "Slug bug! No [slug-bug] tag backs." while they hit/tag your shoulder. They do that same thing but with out-of-state liscence plates. ("Out-of-state liscence plate! No tag backs!") which was new to me. (I do that now.)

My school is weird, it isn't bad but it's just crazy.
HiyaKiani   Saturday, July 19, 2003, 05:29 GMT
Oh yeah. A 'lumpkin' means a 'pound' or a 'sock' on the shoulder. Basically they're saying, "That's a sock on the shoulder." Or in a very explanitory version they're are saying, "You did something stupid or idiotic, therefore, you are about to get socked on your shoulder." (something like that) Understand?
Guofei Ma   Saturday, July 19, 2003, 22:03 GMT
I see. Thank you for your explanation.
HiyaKiani   Saturday, July 19, 2003, 22:24 GMT
No problem. :)
Pantharen (canada) EH!   Friday, July 25, 2003, 12:47 GMT
1) Dead presidents. (dead) Since the band came out, this is lame.
2) Franken food. (see GMO :)
3) Peace out Dawg. (jus stick with Peace, or see Chill)
4) Homey (man if your a cauc dun go there)
5) Amigo (this is still in)
6) Crib (in) very old school
7) Chilling shorten it to chill
8) Take a chill pill! (see #7)
9) leech (out)
10) geek (in if your one)(reserved for techno phreaks)
11) What's dirt on them?(out old school)
12) dipshit (man if you are a dipshit then your in)
13) sleepy-bye (WTF???)
14) cover someone ass (if your a dipshit to get in deep shit then ya better have someone to cover yur ass)
15) Oh, nothin' much, same old days, same old days. (same shit different planet)
16) Chicks (out old school)
17) mumbo-jumbo (very out, very old school)
18) copycats (Is this a slang term?) No this isn't a slang as such.
19) Rock on ( I never really understand how to use it).
20) You Betcha! (You Betcha)