London accents

Ryan   Saturday, August 16, 2003, 20:27 GMT
Thanks for the info, Rugger. I did not realize you are female! I think that it's good that more girls and women are interested in spectator sports now than in the past, especially ones like rugby.

Sorry your country lost in rugby. I watched some of the game last night even though I'm not passionate about rugby. It was on really early in the morning here, though (like 3 AM!). I had insomnia last night. I get Fox Sports World on my cable which is how I can watch so many Aussie sports.

Rugger   Sunday, August 17, 2003, 06:21 GMT
G'day Ryan. It's probably because I go under such a masculin name as "rugger" that gave you the impression of my gender being male. However, I'm very much a female and I think I did disclose this fact in the "Harry potter for improving English skills" thread in a discussion about Australian schools.

I've been dissapointed with the Wallabies recent match losses, especially their loss to the English Lions. I hope Australia improves quick fast to have some fighting chance of winning the Rugby World Cup, which is to be held here in Melbourne.

When I listened to your accent sample it home just how different the American pronounciation of words are, even though I'm constantly exposed to the American accent via the media. You roll the letter 'r' in words so often, which kind of gives a lilt to the way you talk. At least I now know what a midwestern accent sounds like!