word for someone who gets cold too quickly

Michal Ryszard Wojcik   Saturday, August 30, 2003, 10:10 GMT
What is the colloquial word for a person who begins to feel cold much more readily than other people? The kind of person who is always careful to have enough clothes on and who complains about open windows, drafts of cold air, etc.
Hythloday   Saturday, August 30, 2003, 20:24 GMT
I would call someone like this a right royal pain in the arse.
Zeb   Saturday, August 30, 2003, 20:40 GMT
It's kind of slang here, but we call people like that "cold-blooded."
Clark   Saturday, August 30, 2003, 20:45 GMT
Yeah, "cold-blooded" would be what I would say.
Jacob   Sunday, August 31, 2003, 22:42 GMT
Ditto "cold-blooded" but watch out; that can also describe someone who's harsh and ruthless. Just make sure the context is clear.
Michal Ryszard Wojcik   Wednesday, September 03, 2003, 20:29 GMT
Has anybody heard the phrase chilly morsel?
Clark   Wednesday, September 03, 2003, 20:31 GMT
I have never heard his phrase before. Where did you hear it?
confused   Wednesday, September 03, 2003, 20:51 GMT
I have no idea what such a person is called but I am such a person for sure. Only now I have really cold hands and I am shivering with cold although it's still summer. Despite the fact that the temperature outside is rather low for the time of the year (it's only 10 degrees Celsius in Poland) I am always cold, and the opened windows and draughts are my enemies. So what is the name for such a person? In Polish it is "zmarzluch" and in English?
Jacob   Thursday, September 04, 2003, 01:07 GMT
>chilly morsel

Never heard that. It sounds extremely comical.
Jack Doolan   Thursday, September 04, 2003, 06:28 GMT
cold frog