British Maria   Saturday, October 25, 2003, 18:39 GMT
Hi A.S.C.M.

I wish I was taking French again, because in the last 2 years it was like a dos about lesson for us. Our teacher was lovely, but she was hopeless! She could spend an entire lesson telling us about her trips to Italy to see her family, and all her little stories..which we enjoyed, because it was a change from the routine. Happy days! The RE lessons in years 9 and 10 were the same..there was a group of 4 of us at the front with the teacher and we used to chat about anything!
We've just broke up now for our half term holidays..just for a week, then we go back for 7 weeks to take us upto Christmas.
I wish they'd put the clocks back during school time because then it would give us an extra hour in bed! Tomorrow I'll be waking up at 10am and probably half the day will have gone! lol
Are most of your teachers okay? Ours are fine, but in biology one of our teachers has a really boring voice, that never changes! You can't ever concentrate or get yourself to listen to what he's's like he hypnotises you or something! I felt drained after I'd left and gone next door for my chem lesson! They're going over stuff like cell organelles, enzymes, sugars and proteins with us at the moment. Gripping stuff ;-)
I feel sorry that you have to sleep so late because of all the revision and work you have to do. They need to publish proper text books for you and the exam board needs to write up a specification saying what you need to learn. I'm finding it hard to cope with the 200-300 page textbook they give us, so I'd be drowned with ones that have a excess of a 1000!
messire lavoisel   Saturday, October 25, 2003, 19:27 GMT
Maybe we shall rename this topic to "A.S.C.M & British Maria's correspondences"? Just kidding. ;-)
A.S.C.M.   Saturday, October 25, 2003, 20:08 GMT
Hello, British Maria:

My French teacher is also hopeless. She is a new teacher and this is her first year in the U.S. In previous years, the AP French course used to be the ultimate ordeal and the AP French exam used to be a breeze. However, we are learning nothing new this year, even in the highest level of French taught in American high schools. I don't feel challenged at all, which shows how pathetic the course is, considering that I skipped a year of French (I skipped from French 3 to AP French, passing over French 4). The exam, not the course, is going to be our ultimate ordeal.

As Messire Lavoisel said, the "Trademarks" thread is becoming an "A.S.C.M. & British Maria Correspondence" on education. If you don't mind, perhaps we can use e-mail to continue this discussion. My e-mail address is (does that sound familiar? Recall the Congress of Vienna).

Bonjour, messire lavoisel:

Peut-être vous pouvez nous dire un peu au sujet de l'éducation en France.
messire lavoisel   Saturday, October 25, 2003, 21:10 GMT
>Peut-être vous pouvez nous dire un peu au sujet de l'éducation en France.<

Yes but I will be understood by more people if I do so "en anglais".

Actually, the kind of studies I will start to attend in a fortnight are a bit special. I will be a part time trainee in the communication departement of a firm and a part time student in a computer graphic arts school. The money I will earn from the work I will make will be partly used to pay the shool fee and the rest will go, of course, to me.
I think this is a fairly good way to get a first overview of which sorts of job exist in this field and finance these very interesting studies in the same time.
I currently use softwares the likes of Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, Flash or Dreamweaver. I have learnt them mostly by myself and I enjoyed creating some CD covers meticulously using themes like Ents or a Private detective similar to the one you can find in the Films Noirs.
But rather than sticking to 2D creations, I would like to create 3D animations, and the school in which I will be studying this year mainly teach this!
Both the school and the firm found my creations as well as my my 2D softwares mastery good. So I'm confident in my success in studying 3D softwares.

I know I am lucky though, for very few people get hired by a firm with this type of employement contract. Most of the student of my form will be at school 100% of their studying time.

Does this type of contract exist in your respective countries?
A.S.C.M.   Saturday, October 25, 2003, 22:08 GMT
In the United States, many university students take on part-time jobs to pay for their university tuition. It's only to be expected in a society where the average annual university tuition is around a third of the average annual income. Some American universities such as Stanford charge almost $30 000 per annum so only rich students, students with scholarships, and students with well-paying jobs (acquired through good connections) can attend those universities.