HongKonger   Thursday, December 11, 2003, 23:25 GMT
You know what...I am going to give it one more shot. I think maybe my old thread subject is too long......people will just skip it.

Please read my old thread here and give me some advices


A.S.C.M.   Friday, December 12, 2003, 09:00 GMT
It seems as if all the Hong Kongers have vanished.

There used to be three of them on Antimoon:
Wingyellow (who loved to insult the French)
Guofei Ma (whom everybody hated)
Karen (who loved to chat with Wingyellow and Guofei)
HKer   Saturday, December 13, 2003, 14:27 GMT
I remember Wingyellow and Karen have discussed the same issue long ago, try to see if you can get them from the old threads. You can also listen to Wingyellow accent sample.

If you can read Chinese, here is an very interesting article about how's Cantonese to learn and speak English:

HongKonger   Saturday, December 13, 2003, 19:08 GMT

Thanks A.S.C.M. for telling me a bit of the "history"

HKer......do you remember the subject of the thread you mentioned above? What's the approximate date of the thread?

b.t.w. the article is interesting......if you have more, I would love to read more.


Then, where are Wingyellow, Guofei Ma and Karen?
HongKonger   Saturday, December 13, 2003, 20:14 GMT
Hi Tom, can I listen to Wingyellow accent sample?

Do you have a sample library online? Or, people just need to ask you for samples?
Jim   Monday, December 15, 2003, 04:33 GMT
I'd say that, yes, your title for your other thread is a little too long but the real problem is that it really has nothing to do with the topic you want to discuss. This thread's title is shorter and that's good but it still has nothing to do with the topic. Anyway, here's my advice.

I don't think you really need to go in for this so called accent reduction business. There is, in fact, no such thing as accent reduction because everyone has an accent (unless they are mute). This, however, is not to say that you needn't bother improving your pronunciation.

Clear and understandable pronunciation is what you should be concentrating on. As I understand there are a number of difficulties native speakers of Chinese have with the pronunciation of English. One of these is the distinction between /r/ and /l/, another is the complex consonant clusters at the ends of syllables. Work on these. You needn't try to copy one particular accent or other: learn from any native English speaker.
Tom   Monday, December 15, 2003, 10:51 GMT

Visit the forum archive and look for threads that have the phrase "Accent sample" in the subject.
HongKOnger   Monday, December 15, 2003, 18:04 GMT
Thanks Jim for your advice. Have you heard of the Ann Cook book+CD set? Is it good?

Tom, is there some sorts of search engine for subject keyword here?
Or, can you re-post Wingyellow sample here?

Thanks a lot
Jim   Monday, December 15, 2003, 23:46 GMT
Hong Konger,

No, I haven't heard of it. There is a search engine. Right at the top of the page above the orange bar in the right corner in the grey rectangle.
yeah   Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 00:05 GMT
Tom   Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 00:12 GMT
I don't think these old messages are indexed by the search engine. The best way to locate them is to load the "old messages" page and use the Find feature in your browser to look for "Accent sample".
A.S.C.M.   Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 02:43 GMT
The old messages are indexed by Google.
Tom   Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 12:51 GMT
Not all of them.
HongKonger   Thursday, December 18, 2003, 15:27 GMT
Hey Tom,

I used your method to try to locate the accent sample threads. However, the "Find feature" function only works for one page and it won't extend its search for the entire page, right? What I mean is.....after I scroll down, I need to do the search again.......sigh, that's really frustrating......

Tom, I did listen to your sample though. Obviously, you have been pretty successful to mimic american accent. Can you tell me what you did to achieve that?.....and, will that american accent stay even in your daily conversation? or you sound particularly good when you read over a passage, after some practice before recording?

Thanks for your advice :)
to HongKonger   Friday, December 19, 2003, 04:29 GMT
You are asking the SAME questions again and again, please go back to the OLD threads. Many people asked Tom about how to learn American Accent and Tom has spent his time to explain.