For Tom:"Sentence Items" in SM

Ameer   Monday, March 15, 2004, 22:38 GMT
Can I depend only on "Sentence Items" in SM without any other type of items? Can I learn English and reach the advanced level without" Definition-word items"Or "Word-definition items"? Although you say that you used these types of items for many years — through most of your learning process!!! Can you explain that for me, please?Is it ineffictive for learning english very well?
Boy   Tuesday, March 16, 2004, 04:04 GMT
"Definition word items" can be a bit complex version once your SM collection starts growing. You can't guess a specific word, once similar definitions for different words are started appearing more and more.

For instance,

Q1: extremely unpleasant or unacceptable

A1: disgusting (adj)

Q2: unpleasant, especially in a ridiculous or slightly frightening way

A2: grotesque (adj)

Q3: extremely unpleasant, to make someone feel unpleasantly shocked

A3: Revolting (adj)


Just imagine the same situation for other words which have similar definitions.

"Word-definition items" version can become extremely boring and difficult because you have to guess the definition after reading the word. You can't memorize the definition word by word .

The best call for you is to go for adding "sentence items". All you have to do is to read a sentence with that difficult word and try to understand its meaning in the sentence. You can also add as many sentences of the particular word as you can dream of.

For instance,

Q1: We were revolted by the dirt and mess in her house.

A1: to make someone feel unpleasantly shocked or disgusted

Q2: It revolts me to know that the world spends so much money on arms.

A:2 to make someone feel unpleasantly shocked or disgusted