what are postgraduate and undergraduate mean?

need help fast!!!!   Saturday, April 03, 2004, 13:54 GMT
does someone knows what postgraduate and undergraduate means?
thank advance
Chilli   Saturday, April 03, 2004, 14:01 GMT
Undergraduate - A college or university student who has not yet received a bachelor's or similar degree.

Postgraduate - Of, relating to, or pursuing advanced study after graduation from high school or college.

mjd   Saturday, April 03, 2004, 20:15 GMT
One generally hears these words on the university or college level. Like the definition Chilli showed us, undergraduate refers to a student who is pursuing, but has not yet received his/her bachelor's degree.

Postgraduate usually refers to those students in graduate school pursuing their master's or PhD.
Ryan   Monday, April 05, 2004, 23:20 GMT
In the US, "postgraduate" is usually just referred to as "graduate."