Using Harper Collins Cd in conjuncton with Supermemory.

Simon Jacques   Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 01:22 GMT
Could someone please answer these three questions for me.

1 I understand that you must copy the entire page of the Collins Cd into the Supermemory definition box and then delete 99% of it in order to obtain the word itself. Is this still quicker than manually tyoing in dfinition from the paper version of the dictionary or not? ( I am a slow typist)

2. Can the sounds of the Cd be used with SM to ensure correct pronounciation.

3 Is there an online dictionary which I could copy and paste defintions into Supermemory which is quicker than the Collins dictionary.

Thank you to anyone who helps me answer these.
Kind regards Simon
Tom   Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 08:59 GMT

1. I usually prefer to type the definition manually from the software version, but I am a fast typist.
The problem with the paper version is that it takes so much time to look up a word.

2. You can't copy sounds over to SuperMemo.

3. Online dictionaries are generally slower than CD-ROM dictionaries. You could try the CALD or the OALD.

The OALD could be faster if you have a good Internet connection, but its definitions are not nearly as nice as COBUILD's.