"Join the club"

Damian   Saturday, July 03, 2004, 07:24 GMT
My grandad has joined the club....I think it's something to do with golf
Jordi   Saturday, July 03, 2004, 07:46 GMT
Congratulations to your grandad. I've heard that to play golf one needs a stick, a ball and a hole. And grass, of course, lots of grass.
Xatufan   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 01:56 GMT
Your grandad is pregnant? How cool!!!

Jordi: Yep, it's true. The truth is... I don't like sports too much. I don't know why it's important to run around a soccer field ten times. Do you know why do we have to do it?
Jordi   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 02:13 GMT
To keep your body fit?
Damian   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 07:07 GMT
Yep........he's quite a hit at the ante natal clinic
Jordi   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 11:10 GMT
Pray it's not genetic and that it doesn't come back every second generation to one's favourite grandson : ) LOL Believe it or not it's 40ºC around me and I'm already medium rare and on the way to half done. I hope it'll be slightly better way up Scotland.
Damian   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 13:07 GMT

40C esta solamente demasiado caliente para mi...aqui en Edinburgo es 16C con duchas y truenos y relampago la luz del sol entonces encantadora...pero esto es el clima loco de verano de Escocia...que ?que hay de nuevo?

Sorry I do not have the accents or upside down ? yet until I finally get round to downloading them

Stop at the medium rare....with our without uva protection cream...I am cursed with fair skin and burn and turn into a lobster in no time :-(

If my grandad's condition skips generations I will make sure I take precautions.......midwives scare me :-)
Jordi   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 14:41 GMT
Congratulations! You just had a good go at it although Spanish syntax is a wee difficult for our Fair Bonnie Lad. I encourage you to persevere and that was quite understandable although not quite Orthodox.
One thing I'll tell you mate! The Spaniards love licking grilled northern "gambas" or prawns, head and all. Might be a better therapy than a post-burn cream but something like a 20 factor is always better since you can't always choose.
16C is what I get back in mid-January and that means cold or flu for most of us who prefer to sleep in the nude and feel trapped by sheets and blankets.
I'm also cursed with quite fair milky skin. We had all kind of invasions since the Romans, including Germanic and Celtic, and not everybody at the pub is swarthy, although there's a whole streak on my mother's side. That makes me lucky though because I have some sort of hidden melanin tank that makes me suntan after a nice deep first reddish burn. Anyway, I make sure I have all my pimples looked at before I start the season.
Damian   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 16:48 GMT
If there is such a thing as an Espanophile (?) I am turning into one linguistically.


Would you do me a favour please? You say my quote was understandable but unorthodox. This is roughly the English text of what I hoped to say:

"40C is just too hot for me...here in Edinburgh it is 16C with showers and thunder and lightning then lovely sunshine...but this is Scotland's crazy summer climate...so what's new?"

PS: I put in a que too many!

How would you have translated this text into Spanish?
Jordi   Sunday, July 04, 2004, 20:39 GMT
No, they're called Hispanophiles. Hispania is the Latin name for the whole Iberian Peninsula (made up of four countries right now: Spain, Portugal, and the small independent states known as Andorra and Gibraltar). The Iberians were a tribe that lived along Hispania's Mediterranean coast before and during the Roman invasion.
A good Hispanophile must love all the official languages of the Iberian Peninsula: Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese (known as Galician in the Spanish region of Galicia). Catalan is the only official language of Andorra and English of Gibraltar.
I offer you a free translation in what could be considered good Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Slightly diffferent translations would be just as correct. It's important not to translate word per word since every single language has its own genius.

"40C is just too hot for me...here in Edinburgh it is 16C with showers and thunder and lightning then lovely sunshine...but this is Scotland's crazy summer climate...so what's new?"

Castilian Spanish: Sencillamente, 40º (grados) es demasiado calor para mi... aquí en Edinburgo estamos a 16º con chaparrones, truenos y relámpagos seguidos por un sol delicioso... pero así es el alocado tiempo veraniego escocés... ¿qué hay de nuevo?

Catalan: Francament, 40º (graus) és força calor per mi... ací a Edinburg fa 16º amb xàfecs, trons i llamps seguits per un sol deliciós.. però així és l'embogit oratge estiuenc escocès... ¿què hi ha de nou?
Mad Dog - Big Twin MC   Tuesday, July 06, 2004, 06:31 GMT
In the original sentence - "The FBI is bugging me" the doctor said. Join the club, Mark thought "Where are they?" he asked.,

another possible usage is the doctor is bugging Mark, especially since he didn't actuially verbalize (=say it out loud) the expression,although the context will usually bare this out (=make it clear). This usage is seen a lot in TV comedies.