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General_Ricardo   Saturday, July 31, 2004, 23:26 GMT
What's "plan B" mean?
Which one is more used "I'm drinking coffee" or "I'm having coffee" or both?
David Winters   Saturday, July 31, 2004, 23:59 GMT
"Plan B" is a colloquial term for an alternate course of action to be taken should the preferred action fails or otherwise cannot be executed. Examples:

- "It's raining outside, so we can't barbeque today. Well, there's always Plan B: ordering takeout." (Plan B here is having a meal delivered to the speaker's home since he is unable to make the one he had originally planned)

- "Sod it all, my car broke down. Guess it's plan B for me... God, I hate public transportation." (Implying that taking public transportation is his "Plan B")

- "I lost my job as a fry cook for the local McDonalds, so I guess it's Plan B... Becoming a moderator for Antimoon.com" (mjd commenting on how he has failed at life)

Hope that helps.
mjd   Sunday, August 01, 2004, 02:30 GMT
hahahah....I get a kick out of this guy.

Oh well. My days as a fry cook are over. Tell me, David, how are things at the old place? You were there long before I was there...and I'm sure you'll be there for many years to come.
mjd   Sunday, August 01, 2004, 02:37 GMT
General Ricardo,

In answer to your second question:

Yes, "I'm having coffee" can mean the same thing as "I'm drinking coffee." Sometimes someone will say "I'm having coffee" if they plan on having it shortly.


WAITER: "Will there be any dessert, folks?"
MARY: "I'm having coffee and I think I'll have a piece of cake too."

Generally people will say "I'll have coffee" or "I'll have a coffee" if they want to order a cup of coffee.